The Compendium of Knowledge

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The Compendium of Knowledge is an omnipresent and omniscient force, a fundamental Law of Reality, an object that has always existed, will always exist, and can never not exist. It is not known with certainty who or what created The Compendium of Knowledge, or whether it was ever created to begin with. What is known is that The Compendium of Knowledge contains information on everything that has ever existed, will ever exist, and might have existed.

Through its very existence, The Compendium proves the theory that "fiction creates reality," a hypothesis suggesting a new Law of Reality. The Compendium of Knowledge blesses upon all sapient beings in Existence a small fraction of godhood: the ability to create new worlds elsewhere in Existence through the act of writing fiction. This is proved through the fact that an avatar of The Compendium is always present in every reality, and if so desired can be edited in order to change the very nature of the world it resides within.

Each avatar of The Compendium of Knowledge contains but a fraction of the True Compendium's knowledge: the entire history of the universe in which this avatar resides. All knowledge written in The Compendium is completely and undeniably, The Truth, even if it contradicts knowledge written into The Compendium prior. It reshapes the very perception of reality of most sapient beings in Existence, with the exception only of overbeings, such as those who preside over entire multiverses, who are able to retain a limited awareness of previous realities that have been written into The Compendium.

The Compendium of Knowledge is not the pinnacle of Everything, merely recording the Existence found within the confines of its pages. Beyond the existence The Compendium records are higher orders of infinity, extra layers of existence in which superontological beings exist who are capable of creating lower orders of infinity such as the one the Compendium records. As a Reader of The Compendium of Knowledge, you are a superontological being existing on a higher order of infinity than the one The Compendium is capable of recording.

The most complete edition of The Compendium of Knowledge is known as the "True Compendium." It is not known to who or what it belongs, yet it is a highly sought-after artifact in several worlds across reality. If found, it is said it would enable one complete and utter control over not just their own universe, but all universes in Existence.

— An unknown sage from a voided universe.

Notice from The High Pagemaster:

Throughout the span of all time and space, there have been many attempts to create a working theory of how Existence works. What you have just read is but one of these theories.

The Compendium of Knowledge is a "framework of Existence," a framing device used for the meta-narrative of this website's mythology. In truth, the purpose of The Compendium of Knowledge is only to record works of original fiction. The emphasis placed upon fiction being equivalent to reality is meant to serve as a tool to enable and encourage crossovers between worlds, expanding the bounds of creativity to enable the creation of new stories previously untellable within the confines of one reality, and to promote interpersonal communication and collaboration between the Readers of The Compendium of Knowledge.

It is my personal absurdist philosophy that the universe can be found to have no true meaning and life to have no true purpose. Therefore, in the absence of a "one true God," the burden is placed upon all sapient beings to develop their own answers to the question: "What is the meaning of my life?" To this end, I have determined that the purpose I wish to serve within my limited lifespan is to tell interesting stories to others, thereby releasing the creative energy stored within my imagination and promoting happiness in both myself and those that enjoy the things I create.

If you believe that you should serve such a purpose as well, I hope you will find The Compendium of Knowledge a welcoming place for your pieces of original fiction. And even if you do not wish to contribute yourself, I hope you'll enjoy reading the things that others have created and providing your input where valuable.

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