Site Rules

First and foremost, Readers of the Compendium are expected to be respectful, civil, mature, and non-disruptive.

These rules are meant as guidelines and it is not necessary to follow them to the exact letter.


  • 1. Don't be a dick.
  • 2. You may argue the actions or opinions of any member, including staff, as long as you do so in a calm and mature manner. Do not make personal attacks and try not to let your emotions get the best of you.
  • 3. Cursing is allowed on The Compendium Wiki, but racial slurs or homophobic/transphobic language is strictly prohibited, unless used as part of a character in your writing.
  • 4. The Compendium Wiki is not a roleplay site, and you are expected to act as yourself in comments and forums. If you would like to roleplay, you may feel free to create roleplay chats off site.
  • 5. Do not troll or spam.
  • 6. Do not take part in raids on other sites. Do not use the wiki or related platforms to disrupt the normal operations of any other site.
  • 7. On the flip side, if you are part of a raid being launched on The Compendium wiki itself, staff action will be taken.
  • 8. Finally, don't stir up shit. If you are constantly toeing the line of unacceptable behavior, staff action will be taken.


  • 1. You may vote for articles dependent on your own opinion. No reason is necessary, though it can be a help to authors to tell them exactly why you voted the way you did.
  • 2. Do not incite group downvoting OR upvoting of articles. You may share articles and your opinions on them, but do not attempt to persuade others to vote the same as you.
  • 3. You may upvote or downvote your own article as you like.

Forum Behavior:

  • 1. Do not make contentless or excessively short posts. This will be regarded as spam.
  • 2. Do not bump threads for attention.
  • 3. Do not necropost on threads that are more than a few months old unless you have something substantial to add to the conversation.
  • 4. Avoid double posting. Simply edit your post with the "edit" function found under the "options" tab on the lower right of every comment.
  • 5. Do not make duplicate threads unless the original is over 2 weeks old.
  • 6. All images posted must be kept in collapsibles.
  • 7. Do not make forum game threads without moderator approval.
  • 8. Please collapse long posts.

Page Posting:

  • 1. Do not post a large number of low quality pages. This will be regarded as spam.
  • 2. Do not plagiarize others' work. Doing so will result in deletion of the page.
  • 3. You are allowed to borrow from, reference, or quote others' work as long as the intent is not malicious, even without attribution. However, if the author of any works used in your article expresses disapproval, you must respect their wishes and attribute them, remove the references, or delete the page.
  • 4. You may use images in your pages as you please, as long as the images have been created by you, or are used with permission (and all necessary attributions have been made,) or are available in the Public Domain.
  • 5. You may edit the text of your pages at will, but please do not remove technical changes to your page, such as an added rating module or a corrected page name.
  • 6. You may edit other peoples' pages to correct grammar, spelling, or formatting errors. Please put a summary of the changes in the "description of changes" box. Any further edits require permission from the original author or a moderator.
  • 7. You are free to add content to open collaborative pages created by other users. These pages are tagged as "collaboration." Please do not fix low quality or inappropriate edits yourself, and instead contact a moderator. Please do not remove any previously added content.
  • 8. Any necessary tags will be added to your page by a moderator. Don't add or change tags unless you know what you are doing. If you have any questions, contact a moderator. Please do not remove any staff process tags from any article, such as "in-deletion," or "in-rewrite."
  • 9. You are free to create a new page in any of the sections on the topbar of The Compendium wiki, and these articles are subject to community reception and all aforementioned rules.
  • 10. Coldposting is allowed, but generally advised against. It is best to go through the drafting process in the forums.
  • 11. Please adhere to all rules dictated for creating pages on the topbar menus and on any hubs (such as the rule that you should not create an Author Page until you have at least 3 successful articles.)

Interacting With Staff:

  • 1. Moderative Posts: If you see a "Staff Post," "Mod Post," or "Admin Post," do not reply except in the following circumstances:
    • Call for Rewrite: Only reply if you wish to volunteer to rewrite the page, or if you would like to discuss the rewriting of the page.
    • Deletion Vote: Only reply if you wish to request to rewrite the page, or if you wish to request a stay of deletion.
    • Open: Anyone can reply to this post.
  • 2. If a staff member asks you to change your behavior, you are expected to do so.
  • 3. If you are being incriminated, and you feel that you have not broken the rules, you are allowed to attempt to argue your case with a moderator in a civil manner.
  • 4. If a moderator dismisses your case, you may take it up with another staff member. The decision of the other staff member is the final word on the issue, and must be respected.
  • 5. Do not try to continue a discussion that has been given a Stop Order.
  • 6. Please try not to tattle on other users without reasonable cause. Do not waste the moderators' time with petty issues.

The Disciplinary Process:

The normal steps of punishment are as follows:

  • Warning
  • Membership Revocation
  • Short Ban (1 week - 1 month)
  • Long Ban (1 month - 1 year)
  • Permanent Ban

Your ban may be appealed by contacting a moderator.

If you are banned and create a new account immediately in order to continue engaging in disorderly conduct, any attempt to appeal or argue your case will be disregarded.

If you do not approve of the way this site is run, you may feel free to make friendly suggestions as to how we could improve the site rules in this forum.

Thank you, and we hope you enjoy the site.

Unless otherwise stated, the content of this page is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 License