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Notice from The High Pagemaster:
It should be noted that this story was told through the medium of a Dungeon and Dragons campaign, which was not played to completion, and served as a supplement to another campaign.

Thousands of years before our main campaign even began, long in the past of Toril, the world was overtaken by a fallen God known as Maldemos who plunged the globe into chaos. The players' goal is to become powerful enough to defeat the fallen God and take back the world. It's pretty much the literal apocalypse, and the world has split into factions and anarchy. Trust no one, not even no one. The God plans to regain its full power by eating this world slowly and obviously you don't want that to happen.

The gods are looking out for you, and by their powers combined have held the world of Toril in a timeloop. You have one in game month to defeat Maldemos before the world is completely destroyed and time rewinds by a month. It's basically like the Eleventh Hour from The Adventure Zone: Balance, but on a global scale, and for the whole campaign.


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See Multiversal Interactions.


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