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Taurion Construct:

A hypercapitalist dystopia that has long since destroyed their home world, the Taurion Construct, known more commonly as simply "Taurion," was a massive space station the size of a planet. Home to the Taurionian people, it was once a great center of innovation and economic growth. However, following an event involving a large chunk of lime green crystal crashing directly into the space station, originating from an unknown point in space, the Taurion Construct has made first contact with an alien society known as The Aurastian Empire.

Though the two worlds had at first agreed to work together to further each other's goals, the president of the High Council of Taurion became corrupted and funded the construction of a declaration of war disguised as a helpful project, known as Project Enrichment. This project led to the creation of thirteen massive constructs, powered by the same lime green crystal that crashed into Taurion. They became known as Planet Crushes, and still roam Existence to this day, crushing entire worlds with ease.

One such Planet Crusher found its way into The Aurastian Empire, where it was seen as an act of war by the Aurastians. They then attacked and destroyed Taurion for their transgressions, and constructed a microverse to contain the Planet Crusher that had terrorized their world. The last remaining survivor of Taurion is a man named Gan Faltimer, and his whereabouts are unknown.

The Aurastian Empire:

A vast empire sprawling across an entire galaxy, The Aurastian Empire originated on a world known as Aurastos. Ruled by a man named November Aurastos, speculated to have been named after his home planet, and further speculated to be an immortal who has changed his first name several times. However, to this date these claims have no basis.

The Aurastian Empire possesses the ability to travel between dimensions, and create entire microscopic universes, known as "microverses." The Empire was called to the attention of the presence of more of the lime green crystal known to them as Praexite that they once found long ago, which jumpstarted their rise as a universal superpower. They followed the source of the signal back to a world that was known as the Taurion Construct.

The Aurastian Empire agreed to work with the Taurion Construct, hoping to one day add their society to their vast empire. However, some years after initiating first contact, The Aurastians found themselves under siege from a massive world-destroying construct originating from Taurion. Enraged, Aurastos voted to destroy the construct and return to Taurion to destroy them as well. However, they found that the planet-crushing death machine was impervious to all forms of physical attack, due to the high quantities of Praexite powering it.

The Aurastian Empire employed one of their own death machines against the Taurion Construct, and converted the entire population into a Praexite battery of pure energy, that now resides on Aurastos and will power the entire planet for a millennium to come. The foreign construct was locked into a microverse and forgotten about. It wasn't even noticed that someone had come and stolen the microverse with the death machine trapped inside from right underneath their noses.


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