Multiversal Cluster E-37-Multiplex
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Designation: E-37-Multiplex
Highest Being: Multiplex
Inhabitants: The Smiths
Number of Multiverses: 37
Avg. Number of Universes per Multiverse: 364,000
Avg. Number of Non-Universes: Infinitely many.

Praexite Theory of Creation:

At the top level of it all, all of existence simply always Was.

Once upon a time there was nothingness. And then, there was a white space spotted in green crystal that called itself Praexite, and a being that called itself Multiplex.

There was a Tool and a User.
Without one or the other, all of existence could not have come to be.

The Praexite was full of infinite creative energy just waiting to be tapped by somebody who knew how to use it, and that job fell upon Multiplex.
They discovered the properties of Praexite by accident when they started hearing stories in their mind, and they were gifted with an imagination.

And when they identified the source? They would stay in proximity to Praexite as often as they could, hearing stories of all the things that could be and wishing desperately that they were so.
But then Multiplex was struck with the thought that if they didn't Do something about it, all the stories they loved so much would never be realized.

So Multiplex built a Forge and learned how to smith the Praexite into something useful. And with this forge they built a story.

Eventually though, the task became too much for Multiplex alone to handle. So they used their forge to smith the Praexite into Smiths in their own right, and taught them how to use themselves to write stories of their own.

And so, Multiplex returned to their old way of life of merely listening and pitching in what ideas they could.
And the infinite engine of the Story of Creation went on.

What happened in the lower layers of existence got a lot more complicated, but that's a story for another time.

Multiverses contained in E-37-Multiplex:

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