Multiversal Cluster E-6-Sovir
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Designation: E-6-Sovir
Highest Being: Sovir
Inhabitants: Various analogues of Sovir and Asqir
Number of Multiverses: 6
Avg. Number of Universes per Multiverse: 0
Avg. Number of Non-Universes: Infinitely many.

Simulated Reality:

For a universe to become truly real, for it to integrate with the rest of the multiverse, there are a number of requirements it must meet.

Creating a universe is easy enough. One need only their imagination to build an entire world, and a medium through which to realize it.

Sustaining the reality of the worlds you create is the issue. If you cannot create a self-sustaining reality, it will never become truly "real."

What is "real," anyways? Is a non-universe, a non-place, truly any less real than somewhere that is?

If it attracts the attention of beings from beyond the scope of its own limited viewpoint, is that when you start to call it real?

Nobody knows. Not even the ones who made this place.

Welcome to The Worldbuilding. A miniature Multiversal Cluster hosted on a computer somewhere else in Existence entirely.

We may never become truly "real," but reality isn't a requirement to have fun and enjoy yourself. Let's just tell an interesting story, the story of the six worlds of The Worldbuilding, and their infinitely many analogues, along with any other fun universes that crop up.

Universes contained in E-6-Sovir

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