Universe F-Chi-1
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Floating adrift in an infinite black space known as The Abyss, is an infinitely tall building. The building contains six worlds, with a penthouse for the gods at the top. It is known as The Worldbuilding. Travel between the six worlds and the penthouse of the gods is easily achievable, and the six worlds work in tandem to forward the march of history.

Life seems to be well in The Worldbuilding, on the surface. However, there are threats against the sanctity of the daily life of the people of The Worldbuilding. At the bottom of The Abyss lies an unknowable force known only as The Maw, and it is forever pulling The Worldbuilding ever further down into itself. If ever The Worldbuilding should fully enter The Maw, then everything shall end.

At the end of The Worldbuilding's long life, one of the two gods will depart, and leave behind a Secret. The entire universe will work to discover the keys to unlocking this Secret, as it is said to hold the answer to life itself. When The Secret is unlocked, the end will finally be upon us.



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