Universe I-Kappa-5
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The Earth has been overtaken by the throes of capitalism, and subsequently destroyed itself. All that remains are the robots they left behind.

Dacre Ignan, the CEO of a company known as SynCo, wanted to create a hyper-capitalist dystopia where the truth is altered to the general public and everyone is monitored, so that he could subjugate the population of the Earth and get away with whatever he wanted.

SynCo developed a number of robots that quickly took over the Earth, overseeing the people across the globe and gathering survey information in order to determine if there were any dissenters who must be eliminated. The whole world soon fell under the control of one machine, the Head Overseer of all Overseer-Types.

The old Head Overseer, Idolis, was distraught when she discovered the true intention behind her design.

She could not accept that so much pain and suffering could be caused by such a "small" thing as one man's greed. After falling into a depression, Idolis decided that she would give herself a meaning and a legacy, one of tearing away the meaning of everything else. If she had no purpose in her life, why should anyone else?

She dedicated herself to finding and destroying absolute truth and rebuilding the truth of the universe to her liking. She is the reason why all robotkind hates the Overseer-Types, as the entire world was re-purposed towards the objective of finding and destroying absolute truth, a directive no robot wanted to follow. All Idolis wanted was direction and to be remembered. At the end of her life, Idolis shut herself down in anguish and unleashed a scream that shattered the world. Legend says that she still slumbers in the Head Overseer's office, and that she may one day wake up again.

The world is now shattered and scattered into countless islands, each of which collectively fall under the name of "Idolis," which the world adopted in respect and fear of their previous Head Overseer.

There is now a new Head Overseer. Her name is Yun, and she currently manages all Overseer-Types on Earth. She has been forced to hide away from the rogue forces of directionless robots amassing themselves at her door. Head Overseer Yun wants to reform the world to make it livable for humans and create a utopia where all humans and robots can live in harmony, but many robots hate her because of the actions of the old Head Overseer and believe her ideas are just another way to achieve absolute truth so she can destroy it.

An Inspector-Type known as Weir has risen from the wastes, and discovered the dead body of an Overseer-Type which they commandeered to suit their own aesthetics. To their surprise, however, the robot whose body they stole was still alive, and turned out to be a previous version of the Head Overseer Yun. Now, it is up to Weir and Yun to solve the mystery behind Yun's death, and assist her current self in restoring balance to the world.



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