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The Lacriverse:


The Lacriverse was a verse-smithed world created by a Smith known as Lacrimos. Though Lacrimos themselves was genderless, in the Lacriverse, everyone was a girl. The concept of other genders or sexes did not exist, and people reproduced mainly through lesbian magic.

Everyone in the Lacriverse was descended from a "Color", a primordial God of sorts who bestowed everyone in that world with unique powers.
These powers arose from the mixing of colors and were based loosely on associations that could be made with that color. For example, being descended from Red might get you the power to produce fire, or control your blood.

In the Lacriverse, colors could mix across generations and would produce new colors and give way to new powers. This property of the Lacriverse was the cause of the main story. In the early days of the Lacriverse, people lived in a colorful and vibrant world, but as they began to intermingle the colors slowly began to fade until everyone was nothing but icky brown. This made a lot of people terribly upset, and gave rise to an organization known as the KPR&D.

The Kindevis Pigmentation Research and Development, or KRP&D for short, was started to research the nature of pigmentation in the Lacriverse and to understand it better so that color could be restored to the world. The KPR&D soon discovered the unique properties of the colors Black and White, and how the two would cancel each other out. These two colors were the most powerful in the Lacriverse, and the daughter of the CEO of the KPR&D, Spaleca Kindevis, took advantage of this.

She hid an absurd amount of Black and White underneath her main Yellow color, and through trial and error succeeded in giving herself the power of absorbing other powers. She had become a sponge for Colors, and her goals quickly transformed to that of evil. She set about on a quest to absorb everyone in the Lacriverse and become Godqueen of the Lacriverse, with the assistance of her "girlfriend," Kodacana Sacrimonte.

It was up to Lacrimos, in the disguise of a woman known as Moswyn LaCri, to start a rival organization that fought against the KPR&D and their diabolical goals. The end goal of their efforts were lost to the tides of time.


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