The Nexus of Imagination
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The Author:

Located somewhere in Non-Space and connected to all of Existence through a metaphysical structure resembling an umbilical cord resides the greatest Eldritch One of all. Known simply as "The Author," it is hypothesized that this being represents the thinking minds behind every work of fiction. However, not even The High Pagemaster herself knows this for sure.

The Author rests in a shell constructed completely out of Praexite, and it is the source of all Praexite and conceptual energy in Existence, speculated to be the epicenter of the so-called "Biggest Bang." The Author sometimes shifts within its "womb," dislodging massive chunks of Praexite and sending them out into the rest of Existence, where they create new worlds with reckless abandon.

The High Pagemaster herself has constructed her Library not far from The Author, and has set up a "quarantine" of sorts around it, where many work diligently to collect the works of the thinking minds contained in The Author. These works are emanating constantly off of the Praexite Womb. Not every story comes with a handy "return-to-sender" address affixed to it, and it is for this reason that a secondary Library of sorts has been constructed around The Author, cataloging every work of fiction that comes from an unknown source.

The High Pagemaster seeks to locate or create the worlds that the many works contained within derive from. Until then, you can find every unknown work produced by The Author here.



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