The Non-Space
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The Non-Space, sometimes known as Non-Canon Space, beyond the Shroud, or simply Nowhere, is the non-canon, acausal space outside of every multiversal cluster recorded in the Compendium of Knowledge. This space is not meant to be occupied by most beings for extended periods of time, with few exceptions. The Non-Space is the domain of The High Pagemaster, The Guardians of Existence, The Overbeings, and The Eldritch Ones, and is the overarching manifold throughout which The Compendium envelops all space and time.

Though it is not technically a multiverse in its own right, The Non-Space is categorized as such within The Compendium of Knowledge for ease of access of all worlds contained within.

Universes contained in Non-Space:

Technically, all universes are contained in Non-Space, but these are the ones which do not exist normally on the Praexite Lattice.

Effects of Being Nowhere:

  • Mortal beings are incapable of expanding their lungs, and their hearts do not beat. The Non-Space keeps them alive through sheer will.
  • One can move in the Non-Space by "swimming" or by thinking about where you want to go. Movement in the Non-Space is mostly redundant, as there is nothing in all directions.
  • All beings who end up in the Non-Space eventually fade into obscurity, and then non-existence. This is because, unless stated otherwise in The High Pagemaster's writings, all objects that go to the Non-Space are discovered and unmade by The Unmaker.
  • If not unmade in time, beings in the Non-Space begin to unravel and pieces of them scatter across the whole of Existence, becoming part of stories that they were not previously present in. This is thought to occur in a vain attempt to preserve their conceptual energy.
  • Eldritch Ones, Overbeings, Guardians of Existence, and The High Pagemaster are shielded from the effects of Non-Space.

Beings Who Reside Nowhere:

The High Pagemaster:
The author of The Compendium of Knowledge, The High Pagemaster is an unknowable Force responsible for all of Existence. Without her influence from the Non-Space, nothing could be. It is of the utmost importance to all beings contained in The Compendium to ensure the well-being of The High Pagemaster.

The Guardians of Existence:
Small fragments of The High Pagemaster's true power, the Guardians of Existence exist to protect all of Existence from the Eldritch Ones, and guard the places that reside in Non-space. The High Pagemaster also uses Guardians of Existence as her bodyguards.

Guardians do not adhere to any rules, much like the very Eldritch Ones they keep in check. They can be anywhen, anywhere, and can kill any threat, mortal or not. The one rule they follow is that they do not meddle in the affairs of the lower layers, for their very presence heavily upsets the balance of any story.

There are several ways to become a Guardian of Existence. Some are created via a mortal defeating a Guardian in a fair and honorable fight. Others were once legendary heroes who have slaughtered countless minor Eldritch Ones, and were thus elevated to take on the bigger threats.

The Unmaker:
A being who would seek to destroy The High Pagemaster herself, The Unmaker is the true enemy of Existence. An unknowable force as well, The Unmaker takes on the form of The High Pagemaster's own self-doubt and self-destruction. Thought by some to be merely a facet of The High Pagemaster, a tool which she uses to spice up her own story or start from scratch, The Unmaker is our most deadly adversary. Nothing can stand against it, save for The High Pagemaster and perhaps an Eldritch One.

The many individuals appointed to the creation and maintenance of Multiversal Clusters. Though believed by some to merely be alternate personas of The High Pagemaster, several Overbeings have distinct personalities and backstories behind them. Many credit this simply to the creativity of The High Pagemaster's mind.

Eldritch Ones:
Immortal beings that reside outside of all Existence, in the Non-space. They do not adhere to the layering rules that dictate all deities and overbeings. The eldritch beings are governed by only one rule: they cannot destroy anything the High Pagemaster does not allow them to destroy.

An Eldritch One is terrifying and fascinating, because they do not follow any rules whatsoever, and are capable of tearing apart anything in an instant and reducing entire realities to nothing. They have no predetermination towards good or evil, justice or corruption, creation or destruction, but have the capacity for all of that and more.



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