Universe NS Omicron-∅

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Universe NS Οmicron-∅, AKA The Archive:

Universe NS Omicron-∅, also known as The Archive, is a voided universe which once resided at the center of the Praexite Lattice. These days, The Archive does not exist, and the space it once occupied functions more as a gaping hole in reality. Think of it like the ontological equivalent of the mythos surrounding The Bermuda Triangle — a point of no return where unexplained things occur and those who travel there end up lost to time. It is the in-lore explanation of what happens to archived universes and stories in The Compendium of Knowledge; they become forever trapped in Universe NS Omicron-∅ as they fall outside of the Praexite Lattice and into some part of Non-Space, becoming non-canon and subject to whatever terrors await. Due to its nature as a void at the center of reality that imprisons things within itself, The Archive could be likened to a supermassive black hole and may in fact be the largest black hole in all of reality. The Archive could be used in other works in The Compendium of Knowledge as an eternal prison for beings of extreme power, such as gods and demons.

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