Universe NS Phi-1
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The Library:

The Library was the first world in all of Existence; a planet-sized library, ruled over by its Head Librarian. In The Library, all written word became fact, allowing the self-actualization of all fictional works. This was due to the fact that no other worlds existed yet for said fiction to occur in, thus they all occurred in the first and only world at the time.

At an unknown point in The Library's history, a large section of this universe was transported into Non-Space, and would go on to become The High Pagemaster's Library, as she wrote the rest of Existence into reality. With this advent, the constricted world of Y-Phi-1 was able to expand its boundaries, and all fiction began to adhere to the new instated rules of Existence and created separate worlds, which could be accessed (or not) depending on the wills of their authors.

However, due to unknown causes, the remainder of this entire world has collapsed into a singularity and transformed into an Eldritch One.



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