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Orium is a desert planet covered in ancient ruins and constantly swept by strong winds, heralded by the red light of The Spell — an ancient casting of magic that led to the apocalypse. No one knows what caused The Spell, but the people who survived it now find it difficult to eke out an existence. Over the past couple of centuries, however, the people of Orium have managed to rebuild themselves from the ground up.

After getting settled into a position of what they assumed to be self-sustainability, the people of Orium set their sights on the ruins covering their barren planet and The Spell that constantly surges around their world, and curiosity took over from there. Entire trades became dedicated to the research of the past of Orium, with focus shifted more and more upon them until many forgot that anything but the past existed.

Additionally, there exist two trades of magic users — wizards, and witches. Although wizardry and witchcraft are inherently attuned to the sexes of male and female, it is not impossible for there to be female wizards or male witches, or anything in between.

The planet is scorched by a red giant star, known to them as Perennium. Perennium is embodied as a deity in Orium's mythology and is believed to be the god of wizards. Additionally, the planet's lone pink moon is known as Chalcum, and is upheld as Perennium's wife and the goddess of witches.

The mythology goes that Perennium and Chalcum gifted the world with two Chalices, one holding arrogance (misnomered by wizards as pride and ingenuity) and the other holding empathy and sympathy (misnomered by witches as wisdom and understanding.) Neither of the Chalices is inherently evil, and grants insight into a different view of the magic that suffuses their world.

Orium is a very magic-oriented world. The Source of all magic on Orium is a large redwood tree, stated by many scholars to be located at "the exact center of the world," though this is not true. The Tree, as it is called, is 750 feet tall and is filled with a kind of lime-green sap that is said to be the raw form of magic. It flows through the roots of The Tree and is theorized to then move into a secondary system of metaphysical roots that connect all living beings in Orium to the Source of magic.

The raw form of magic is chaotic and terrifyingly powerful, contaminating anything it comes into close contact with. An ancient warning is circulated around the ranks of wizards and witches, stating that when using magic one must be very mindful of their will and ensure that they can exercise control over the magic they intend to use. If their willpower falters, they lose control of the magic and may find that it has chosen to control them instead.

Around the base of The Tree once grew a large and prosperous magical forest, filled with otherworldly beasts and plants as a result of close contact with the Source of magic tainting the land. However, when The Spell came, most of the inhabitants of the magical forest died — along with the rest of the world — or moved inside of The Tree itself.



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