Universe O-Tau-65
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The Divine Harvest:

The universe of the Divine Harvest is a very old one, indeed. It is governed by a one true god, who its mortal inhabitants know simply as "The Divine Spirit;" an ageless, sexless being of golden light that created the universe and everything in it. In truth, the Divine Spirit did not 'create' anything; they simply used small pieces of themselves to build a universe. By plucking off microscopic amounts of their own divinity, they were able to craft a universe full of mortal souls, each imbued with a tiny portion of their one holy God, and they were also able to create angels to oversee the duties of running a universe and deliver important messages. However, we are not interested in how the universe of O-Tau-65 was run in its prime, no, we are interested only in it's death.

You see, O-Tau-65 has died many, many times. It is a well-oiled machine, and when the Divine Spirit grows too old to maintain it any longer, they have a contingency plan. A process known as a Divine Harvest begins, in which the mortal souls of the universe are reaped, and gathered in one place to restore the Divine Spirit's sacrificed divinity. Then, with a catalyst, a new Divine Spirit is born, right as an iteration of the universe dies, and a new reality is born. This is a process that has occurred 65 times in this universe's lifetime, and there is only one entity responsible for ensuring the process continues. But how long can they bring themselves to keep doing it?


None yet.


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