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Life in R-Iota-X1 was created by the overgods, Luna and Sol, using an artifact known simply as the Spark of Life.

In the Ranian Imperium, it began on Myorgis. Later, when the planet faced a dire catastrophe, a man named Noixe reenacted a space installment of Noah's Ark, leaving the planet on a fleet of ships loaded with thousands of his people, and various species of animal. Life was then deposited on three separate planets — Xanthron, Ranes, and Earth — in the hope that spreading them out would give them a sporting chance if the entity that attacked Myorgis should ever return.

Across the course of time and the many iterations of the Universe, the origins of life became fuzzy, with many forgetting the existence of Myorgis entirely and Myorgian2 life mysteriously spreading to other worlds. The reason that all the worlds in the Imperium are so similar is that all of their populations originated on Myorgis, except for the Teros who are alive due to the presence of the Spark of Life on their world in Iteration 37, known to them as "the Evercinder."

Life in the Athean Syndicate began on Athayya with the Spark of Life and spread throughout their sector of the galaxy in a similar fashion to Myorgian life.

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