The New World
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The New World is a place that was once known simply as "The World." The World used to be a chaotic and dreamlike place, but following an event known as The Grand Realization, the tumultuous chaos of possibility began to disappear from The World and was slowly replaced by logic and order. These concepts were unfamiliar to the people of The World, and residents of The New World have rather mixed feelings about The Grand Realization.

During The Grand Realization, a vast number of the absurd possibilities existing in The World spontaneously vanished, swiftly replaced by things that made sense. What few things remained were stored away in a building constructed shortly after The Grand Realization, known as The National Old World Museum.

The Old World is the term a Newworlder uses to refer to the way things were before everything changed. Nobody knows what caused The Grand Realization, but the drastic changes it left on the New World have thankfully not sucked it completely dry of its dreamlike quality.

The New World found itself visited by the Librarians, who sought to coexist and share their two worlds.



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