The Realm of Possibility
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The Realm of Possibility is a building sitting at the center of Everywhere and Nowhere at all. It is a place that always has been, even before anything actually existed, for it is the place that makes things real. A man named Donois resides in this parlor, and receives stacks of documents from an unknown source at intermittent intervals, describing different worlds that could possibly exist.

It is his job to read the documents and decide which worlds will be passed into reality. The worlds that Donois reviews have a very low clearance rate, as the Realm of Possibility is a tumultuous and chaotic place, and more often than not he receives worlds that would be simply absurd to allow to exist. Things that defy the natural laws of reality, or have no rules about them whatsoever, are most likely not going to be allowed to exist.

Also in The Realm of Possibility is a hallway and a mirror. In the hallway, there exist many doors that shift constantly. Opening any door will grant an onlooker a window into another world, which can not be seen through on the other end until the onlooker chooses to step through it. All doors in Existence are connected, including doors to places that don't actually exist, and the hallway in the Realm of Possibility holds all of the doors to places that are not yet real.

In the mirror, is a portal to another world that is making the steps towards existing. The mirror has always been there, and has been used by the infamous Librarians to access The Realm of Possibility.


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Worlds Found in The Realm of Possibility:


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