Universe X-Theta-4
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The All-Seeing Eyes have set their sights on a desiccated world, ravaged by various wars. A mysterious traveler from another place discovers a party of heroes who harbor intent to bring suffering to an end. With his gift of a powerful weapon forged in another world, the new wielder of the Sword of Exsanguination and their gaggle of friends set off on the quest to end all reality. They think their mission to be one of mercy, as their world is so ruinous that they believe the rest of Existence must be the same.

Across many worlds they will shed the blood of countless innocents, acquiring additional artifacts of ancient evil along the way. These artifacts will be necessary for the creation of an ultimate weapon that will deal the finishing blow to reality. They will shed the blood of the gods themselves and the very ones who made all, and they will move on further to end other innocent realities. They will become a scourge on Existence itself, but when the deed is done and their ultimate weapon of divine evil has been constructed, will they be able to complete their task?

X-Theta-4 is a world that brings nothing but death, sprung forth from misplaced moral compasses. To write a tale about X-Theta-4, all that you must do is write a story about a world that has died or is in the process of dying, at the hands of a gang of misguided "heroes" with The Sword of Exsanguination and influenced by The All-Seeing Eyes. This world can be a different one than the main homeworld of X-Theta-4, which is a desolate planet known as Carcidon.



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