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After surviving a world-threatening plague, and passing the date of Doomsday, upon which a "slumbering giant" was supposed to awaken and wreak havoc upon the world, the world of Karnos had previously prospered.

Now, for reasons unknown to most, the population of the world has been slowly dwindling, and everything is losing its vibrancy and livelihood.

The citizens of the world have been working tirelessly, trying to aid restoration efforts, and renaissances have begun in several countries, revitalizing the art of the old world in a vain attempt to revitalize the world itself.

In addition to cultural movements, scientists have been hard at work investigating the cause of Karnos' decline, but no conclusions have been brought to the public for more than 10 years.

Without the aid of the scientific community, the public has more or less been kept in the dark. There are conspiracy theories and hypotheses of course, and some hit close to the mark, but nobody yet knew the true cause of the fall of Karnos.

Until one man named Dr. Arthur Stradwick's research into the soul accidentally struck gold.

But even he may be led astray, for the source of the people he brought back from the brink is the graveyard of Chateau Charneux, which he has learned is home to a vampire.

This is why, when Dr. Stradwick discovers everyone in the graveyard of Chateau Charneux has been killed for unknown reasons, he decides to begin investigating into this vampire's business and discovering how to bring her down.

Will Dr. Stradwick and his research team discover the truth behind the fall of Karnos? Or will they be led to false conclusions?
The answer remains to be written.



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