Universe Z-Omega-100
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The Dimension of Lost Things:

If you've ever misplaced an object, only to find that it has mysteriously disappeared and left no trace behind, then it may be that your misplaced belongings have taken a day trip to the Dimension of Lost Things. Also known as the Super-Sargasso Sea, the Dimension of Lost Things is a peculiar universe that sits at the theoretical bottom rung of Multiversal Cluster E-37-Multiplex.

Connected to all worlds by way of the Praexite Lattice, this world is a haven for lost, forgotten, or misplaced objects, creatures, and concepts. It is theorized by some that this is the breeding ground of all of Existence and the narrative concepts that make up all objects temporarily return to this place when they are not needed in the story that they were a part of.

Accessing the Dimension of Lost Things intentionally is nearly impossible, as in order to enter it you must be lost, forgotten, or misplaced. Dimensional manipulation that taps into the leylines circulating throughout all of reality cannot grant purchase into Z-Omega-100, as anything attempting to enter this world that is not itself lost is blocked through unknown means.


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