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New Pages:

Before creating a new entry, make sure you have put in the box below what you want the URL to be, and NOT the title of the page.

Creating a new world: Articles are subject to the normal draft and critique process in the forums. Any user may create a new article of their own on the site, provided they have a complete world overview ready and sections for supplements and tales. Authors may create supplements and tales for their own worlds, and all articles are subject to the popular opinion of other users on the site. If your article is deleted, do not repost it unless substantial edits have been made. In some cases, an unpopular or unfinished article may become archived as an "archived universe" in the case that other pages on the site depend on it.

Submit a new world entry to the Compendium of Knowledge: All Article URLs must begin with "article:" ! The rest of the URL should follow the format of a universal designation or multiversal cluster, based on the rules outlined in Gan Faltimer's Unified Theory of Creation. Once your page has been created, please tag it with "article," its universal designation, and the multiversal designation of the multiverse you would like it to be located in. Your world may be located in Non-Space, if you please, in which case a proper universal designation is not required, unless the world was not originally created in Non-Space, in which case you must affix an NS in place of the first letter of the designation.

Multiversal Clusters:



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