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Date written: October 4th, 2018
Last edited: November 8th, 2018


Hello, reader. I am The High Pagemaster. The author of The Compendium of Knowledge.

You might have gotten lost in the world I created in my head at some point while reading through this site, so it's at this point that I will remind you:

I am just a real human person, like you. Or at least, I hope like you. That's presumptuous of me — you could be another kind of being from another order of infinity entirely.

Regardless, welcome to my pet project.
For my entire life I have immersed myself in creative works because it just seems like the most entertaining and most valuable use of my limited time on this Earth. Though I am incredibly depressed (at the time of writing) and frequently searched in the past for the meaning of life itself, I have decided to cast aside such burdens and create a meaning for myself.

My meaning is to be happy and make others happy, and to share my stories with the world.

Personal Information:

Some basic information about me to make myself more relatable and not just an unknowable consciousness behind a pretentious name:
- My real life name is Juli.
- I am an 18 year old trans girl, born 10/31/2000.
- I am in my senior year of high school.
- I am a Scorpio and my MBTI personality type is INFP.
- I am a big fan of Dungeons & Dragons.
- I am also a big fan of various anime.
- My favorite subject in school is Science, but the one I'm best at according to the American Education System is English.
- I am an aspiring artist.
- I am an aspiring writer.

The High Pagemaster's Personal Page For Rambling


Other than my own personal world that resides in my head, I like to immerse myself in other people's worlds often. I draw a lot of inspiration from the things I enjoy. Perhaps the most active I am in any fandom content is on The SCP Wiki.

Some of my favorite fandoms, listed in order of most favorite, that have most heavily influenced my work:
Hello Charlotte
The Adventure Zone
The SCP Foundation
The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
Adventure Time
Wolf 359
Jojo's Bizarre Adventure
Doctor Who
Rick and Morty

My SCP Works:

Here I will shamelessly plug my SCP sandbox, where you can find things I'm working on and things that I have already published. It is where I have spent most of my time writing.

lavenderbloodstains' SCP Sandbox

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