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Date written: October 4th, 2018
Last edited: February 5th, 2022



Hello, dear Reader. I am The High Pagemaster. The author of The Compendium of Knowledge.

You might have gotten lost in the world I created in my head at some point while reading through this site, so it's at this point that I will remind you:

I am just a real human person, like you. Or at least, I hope like you. That's presumptuous of me — you could be another kind of being from another order of infinity entirely.

Regardless, welcome to my pet project.
For my entire life I have immersed myself in creative works because it just seems like the most entertaining and most valuable use of my limited time on this Earth. Though I have struggled with severe depression for much of my life and frequently searched in the past for the meaning of life itself, I have decided to cast aside such burdens and create a meaning for myself.

My meaning is to be happy and make others happy, and to share my stories with the world.

Who Is The High Pagemaster?

In lore, The High Pagemaster is a character who represents the ruler of all of Existence. She is the original author of The Compendium of Knowledge. Her cryptic origins have vexed researchers since the creation of all Existence. In most worlds throughout Existence, knowledge of The High Pagemaster and The Compendium of Knowledge is widely spread, due in part to the omnipresence of the Guardians of Existence who protect reality from Eldritch Ones, and the Information Dissemination Service that sometimes transmits important information across the whole of Existence, by the permission of an overbeing or The High Pagemaster herself.

However, nothing is known of her as a person, nor where she can be found. Various sources claim that she can be found outside of all known Existence, in a medium that scholars call "The Non-Space" or various similar names, in a location constructed by her known either as The High Pagemaster's Library or The Nexus of Imagination. It is thought by some who are aware of the existence of the dear Readers and The Author that in truth, The High Pagemaster is nothing more than a representation of whichever superontological being was responsible for writing our world into existence.

Personal Information:

Some basic information about me to make myself more relatable and not just an unknowable consciousness behind a pretentious name:
- I am 21 years old, born 10/31/2000.
- I am in my junior year of college, studying for a Bachelors of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies with concentrations in Design Studies and English Literature.
- I am a Scorpio and my MBTI personality type is INTP.
- I am a big fan of Dungeons & Dragons.
- I am also a big fan of various anime and shows.
- My favorite subject in school is Science, but the one I'm best at according to the American Education System is English.
- I am an aspiring artist.
- I am an aspiring writer.


Other than my own personal world that resides in my head, I like to immerse myself in other people's worlds often. I draw a lot of inspiration from the things I enjoy. Perhaps the most active I am in any fandom content is on The SCP Wiki.

Some of my favorite fandoms, listed in order of most favorite, that have most heavily influenced my work:

Fallen London / Sunless Sea / Sunless Skies
Hello Charlotte
Doctor Who
The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
Land of the Lustrous
Jojo's Bizarre Adventure
The Adventure Zone
The SCP Foundation
The Magnus Archives
Mob Psycho 100
Zombie Land Saga
Adventure Time
Wolf 359

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