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Before creating a new entry, make sure you have put in the box below what you want the URL to be, and NOT the title of the page.

Creating a new author page: Author pages are NOT subject to the normal draft and critique process in the forums. Any user may create an author page, provided they have posted at least 3 successful pages on the site. Author pages are not subject to the popular opinion of the site, and will remain up regardless of how lowly they are rated. The only exception is if the user who created the author page does not have 3+ successful works on the site, at which point a mod may delete the author page at their discretion.

Submit a new author page: All Author Page URLs must begin with "author-page:" ! If you wish to submit an author page for yourself, here is where you can do so. Your author page can be structured however you like, however please make sure that your author page is functional and allows any user to easily locate every article you have written.

Author Pages:

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