Expanding Horizons
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In a world similar to your own, dear reader, yet simultaneously different in many ways, the story of The Compendium of Knowledge begins.
What separates The Library from our own Earth? Well, the most distinct difference is the literal self-actualization of all of the fiction written in said world.

The Library was the first story told by Multiplex, and in a paradoxical fashion became the first world in all of Existence, predating even Multiplex and giving birth to higher entities.

In The Library, all written word becomes true, thus was the basis for The Compendium. A lone author was dissatisfied with the constricting nature of her world — the one world in all of Existence, as she would soon discover. And thus, she set off on a quest to expand her horizons.

Join me, in a quest of discovery and expansion regarding the ontological nature of my own personal Existence, and the many colorful characters I meet and create along the way. I'll tell a story of my own evolving philosophy regarding life. It's the journey that matters, not the destination.


Humble Beginnings:

Beyond The Boundaries:

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