Sourceless Stories
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Floating somewhere in the Non-Space, resides a library surrounding an Eldritch One known as The Author. Formally known as "The Nexus of Imagination," this library is staffed by a number of Guardians of Existence, who on their downtime intercept stories that arrive in their catalogs without any source and group them all together in one easily accessible place.

Normally, stories produced by The Author come with a handy "return-to-sender" address, showing you exactly what world it came from. This eases organization, as one can look at all of the intercepted stories from a particular world and treat them as a continuity of works, all coming together to form a bigger whole. However, some do not come with these return addresses, throwing the entire organizational system out of whack. Rather than dedicating a tremendous amount of time and resources to locating these sourceless stories, the Guardians of Existence have chosen instead to create a new continuity just for them.

And it is here, dear Reader, that you can find every work of fiction detailing the story of a world recorded in The Compendium that does not seem to be connected to any others. And remember: as a superontological being, you have the ability to contribute to The Compendium of Knowledge, meaning that you too can catalog some of your own sourceless stories.


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