The Windswept Plains
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The world of Orium is a wind-torn planet, covered in ancient ruins. Once a beautiful and lush place, it is now barren and scorched by the light of its sun, as heavy winds ravage its surface. And yet… despite all odds, life has persisted.

Eking out an existence has been difficult, but over the past several decades, the people of Orium have managed to rebuild. Now, their lives secured, they set their sights upon the secrets of the ancient world, and embark on an endeavor to discover what tragic event nearly brought about the end.

Enter Catorsia Cauxten, a member of a race of felines who decided it'd be nice to stand upright and walk on two legs. An avid student of the magical arts, Catorsia has found themselves under the teaching of an ancient witch, who claims to remember the Old Society.

Will the secrets of Orium be unveiled? Will the world be left forever ignorant, the memories lost in the mind of an elderly woman? Or will the whole world decide it'd be better off without knowing? Read on, and find out for yourself.


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