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Service Summary:

Provider(s): The Compendium of Knowledge
Issued From Universal Designation: N/A
Issued From Multiversal Cluster: N/A
Issued From Other Medium, If Applicable: Non-space
Purpose of Service: To ensure the information within the Compendium of Knowledge is available to all sentient entities.

Description of Service:

One of the most basic and central services provided by the Compendium of Knowledge and all avatars of it, the Auto-Translation service allows all sufficiently intelligent beings to access the information kept within the Compendium.

Due to the nature of a Universe, the number of possible languages, codes and other methods of transferring information are vast, and there is rarely a unified linguistic family, let alone a single language. To ensure the Compendium and it's avatars can be used by all, upon being perceived by a mind desiring to learn it's contents, the contents will change in appearance to allow easy comprehension, matching the reader's1 language, dialect, and education.

In some cases, such as in the case of a reader having an inability to read, the Compendium and it's avatars may change their method of information transfer completely, allowing for the sensing of vibrations in air molecules, tactile sensations, parsing of electron streams, and many other methods in the place of typical reflected photon sight. A reader can, at any time, request a change of format.

If the optimal format for a reader is the auditory sensation of someone reading the information out loud, the avatar's Pagemaster may be utilized. If the Pagemaster is unavailable, the text will be delivered in a flat, monotone voice devoid of features.

In the case that more than one reader is present, and two or more readers require different formats, the Compendium will appear differently to each reader.

In addition to making the text legible (or otherwise capable of being understood), The Compendium also attempts to tailor it's information the learning capacities and preferences of the reader, to allow for easier understanding. The exceptions to this are the mandated prefaces of various services, as well as texts written by other authors, which will always be merely translated to the closest possible approximate a language can achieve.

Dangerous Information

In addition to these features, the Compendium will also attempt to hide information that it deems the reader incapable of reading without coming to harm as a direct cause of learning said information. Such amendments are always accompanied by the following preface:

The following information has been changed/removed for the safety of the reader. Reading this information may result in the following:

(Bulleted list of effects.)

If you wish to read the original text despite this, please agree in your preferred medium of communication.

Please note that agreeing to reading the text will not always allow you to see the original, but rather show you an amended version allowing some of the harmful effects, and repeating the preface with those harmful effects missing from it. A reader may have to agree several times to attain the completely unaltered version.

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