The Grand Marketplace
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Service Summary:

Provider(s): Thervan
Issued From Universal Designation: N/A
Issued From Multiversal Cluster: E-37-Multiplex
Issued From Other Medium, If Applicable: Non-space
Purpose of Service: To share eccentric commerce with all reality, and meet some hot babes!

Description of Service:

A service provided by a powerful wizard named Thervan. The Grand Marketplace brings together the most eccentric commerce and their equally eccentric shopkeepers across all of Existence. It takes the form of a large, sprawling marketplace, situated in a bubble located in Non-Space. The shop stalls are run by analogous simulacrums of legendary shopkeepers, who have full access to copies of their shop's wares.


The following information must preface every entryway to The Grand Marketplace:

Notice from Thervan the Wizard:
Hellooo~! Welcome to the Grand Marketplace! Inside, you will find mysterious artifacts holding power beyond your comprehension, sold by an untold amount of legendary shopkeepers, myself included. To be frank with you, I'm not really sure how many of us there are here, but I'm sure you'll find something interesting! Without further ado, step forth! Step forth and peruse our wares, traveler!


Various items throughout Existence are "singularities," meaning that you will not find them in The Grand Marketplace because only one version of them exists. The exact mechanisms of the conceptual energy that makes up these items, and why they are so protected from the natural analogous nature of reality, is unknown.

If you would like to request a singularity item, the Grand Marketplace has a mercenary section as well, where you can purchase analogues of reality's greatest mercenaries to head off on a quest and collect the singularity for you.

Please do not harm the shopkeepers! Though they may be only analogues, I request that you keep the moral compass at a normal position when entering The Grand Marketplace! If your moral compass' normal position IS maiming or murdering, please notify us ahead of time! Thank you, and we hope you enjoy your trip!

Shopkeepers That Can Be Accessed:

How to Access The Grand Marketplace:

The Grand Marketplace can be accessed through any gateway by drawing a unique rune on the body of its architecture, and reciting a unique chant. Upon the completion of this ritual, a lightning bolt will rend through the sky, striking the gateway, and opening a portal to The Grand Marketplace.

The Rune is as follows:


The Chant is as follows:
Repeat the following three times:

The tides of time may be shackles to some, but not I!

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