Information Dissemination
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Service Summary:

Provider(s): The Compendium of Knowledge
Issued From Universal Designation: N/A
Issued From Multiversal Cluster: N/A
Issued From Other Medium, If Applicable: Non-space
Purpose of Service: To share valuable information.

Description of Service:

A basic service provided by The Compendium itself, and outsourced to any willing overbeings, the Information Dissemination service is provided in order to remember the achievements of the most successful researchers in all of Existence. Throughout every Multiversal Cluster can be found an unfathomable number of brilliant minds, all working tirelessly to discover the secrets of their respective realities. The Compendium understands and acknowledges the importance of this information and wishes to provide a service to all bright minds that will allow their important work to be known to all.


The following information must preface every article disseminated using the Information Dissemination Service:

Notice from the High Pagemaster:
This information was disseminated using the Information Dissemination Service. As such, information included in this text may be redundant, as it is preserved in its original form.


Not all information disseminated using this service may be accurate to every documented reality in Existence. The Compendium understands and acknowledges the varying and unique rules of different stories and the various exceptions that may occur if certain information is disseminated to non-applicable realities.

If you wish to opt out of being a recipient of the Information Dissemination Service, please contact the nearest deity or overbeing, if applicable.
If no deity or overbeing is known to you, please visit The Nexus of Imagination to submit a request to the High Pagemaster herself.

Articles Produced Using This Service:

All articles produced using the Information Dissemination service are listed in the "Information" section of the sidebar of the Compendium itself, and can be found referenced in other texts and various written mediums throughout all of Existence.

Apply for the Information Dissemination Service:

If you wish to disseminate information that you believe will be valuable to a large number of, if not all of, the beings living within Existence, feel free to utilize this service. This service is provided free of charge, as The Compendium does not require any sort of currency. Please input into the box below a unique denominator for your personal information page.

Thank you for your submission. Your information will be outsourced to your local overbeing, and if approved, will be disseminated throughout reality shortly.

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