Versatile Search
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Service Summary:

Provider(s): The Compendium of Knowledge
Issued From Universal Designation: N/A
Issued From Multiversal Cluster: N/A
Issued From Other Medium, If Applicable: Non-space
Purpose of Service: To ease perusal of information contained in The Compendium of Knowledge.

Description of Service:

A basic service provided by The Compendium itself and all of its avatars, the Versatile Search service is provided in order to ease the perusal of information contained within The Compendium. In every avatar of The Compendium can be found an unfathomable amount of information, detailing the entire history of the universe it was contained in up until the point of reading.

As this information updates dynamically with each new thing that happens in the world, including the thoughtstreams of other sapient beings, it can become difficult to scan through. The Compendium understands and acknowledges the importance of ease of access to this information and wishes to provide a service to all readers of every avatar of The Compendium which will allow them to easily locate any piece of information they desire.


The following information must be included in the Table of Contents of every avatar of The Compendium:

Welcome to The Compendium of Knowledge!

This book will contain all of the information you will ever require, detailing the entire history of your universe. As this is a great deal of information, the standard Table of Contents found in most books has been replaced with this text block explaining the Versatile Search Service.

This service is provided free of charge to allow all readers of The Compendium to easily access the information they seek. To use it, simply introduce yourself to this book's Pagemaster and get to know them! They will be your "tour guide" throughout the story of your world, showing you everything you wish to know.

(This is an optional space for the Pagemaster of this avatar to insert an introduction blurb of their own.)


Compliance with Pagemasters is advised to ease the use of this Service.

The Compendium of Knowledge is not responsible for the non-compliance of any Pagemaster.
The Compendium of Knowledge is not responsible for the violation of privacy of any sapient being through utilization of the Versatile Search Service to read minds.
The Compendium of Knowledge is not responsible for the violation of the security of hidden information that is accessed using the Versatile Search Service.
The Compendium of Knowledge is not responsible for any side-effects of willfully accessing harmful information, including but not limited to: sadness, anger, general depression, other such influence of emotions, influence of thoughts, complete restructuring of the personality and mind, malicious placebos, insertion of paraphilias, insertion of phobias, possession, divine smiting, or total brain death.

Additionally, any avatar of The Compendium of Knowledge is not responsible for recording foreign information, such as: objects or beings from other universes. These are intrusive elements in the story and will not be recorded from any point before their initial introduction into the story.

Using the Versatile Search Service:

If you wish to use the Versatile Search Service, you must simply open any avatar of The Compendium and introduce yourself to its local Pagemaster. Once the name of the Pagemaster has been acquired, you may invoke its name to request aid in the perusal of information.

The Pagemasters of each avatar of The Compendium are the medium through which the Versatile Search Service is utilized, as their consciousness extends to the entirety of the dynamic text narrating the universe they are contained within. This service is provided free of charge, as The Compendium does not require any sort of currency.

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