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Notice from The High Pagmaster:
This is a list of legendary artifacts found throughout The Compendium. This list is ever-updating, and you may add to this page yourself, dear Reader.

The Magnablade:
Worlds involved: X-Theta-4

A legendary greatsword wielded by the angel Cambriel. It was gifted to Cambriel by his deity, and used for centuries to protect the Caristona Estate's well-being. It was enshrined as a sword of pure justice and truth and was prophesied by some to be the weapon Cambriel would use to slay his fienidish rival, Morphasia with. In reality, the sword was anything but a symbol of justice.

The Sword of Exsanguination:
Worlds involved: X-Theta-4

What some would call the "true" form of The Magnablade, The Sword of Exsanguination was a perversion of Cambriel's greatsword, stolen from the Caristona Estate by a member of the Drucilia Family. The head of the family, the fiend Morphasia, was given the sword and transformed it into what it is now and what it had always been: A weapon of bloodshed and mass destruction.

The Sword is capable of exsanguinating and absorbing the very soul of any being slain by it. It ignores the immortality of most divine and fiendish beings. Each creature slain with this sword is added to its total power, making it an ever-more effective weapon. It is said that when one holds The Sword of Exsanguination, each of the fallen souls contained within cries out to them at once, filling their mind with an intense depression that makes many involuntarily break down.

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