The Coven of Blood Witches
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My name is Evgenia Stradwick, The Resplendent Chronicler of the Blood Witches, and I have been assigned the task of organizing and cataloging the history of the Blood Witches. To begin, this document will be an overview of our society as a whole, and I may in the future create a number of documents detailing exact events, positions, the most well-known Blood Witches and their accomplishments, etc. For now, let us begin.

What is a Blood Witch?

A Blood Witch is a person, typically but not necessarily a woman, who has talent in the field of blood witchery, a not well understood pseudoscience that many refer to as "magic." This blood witchery allows one to perform supernatural feats through exertion of their own willpower, and is traditionally used in studies of the body, disease, and the blood. All feats performed through blood witchery require the expenditure or alteration of blood, whether it be your own or not, hence the name "blood witchery."

Blood witchery has daunted nearly all attempts to assign rules and mechanics to its very nature, and any hypotheses are very difficult to prove, making it distinctly different from anything else in our world. As it cannot be proven by scientific methods, but seems to inherently follow some sort of rules and must be based in something that we currently have a limited understanding of, blood witchery has been officially categorized as a pseudoscience.

Our History and Formation:

The formation of the Blood Witches is nearly lost to time. The organization is said to have formed mysteriously sometime in ~13 AR1, before the infamous Bitter Blood Plague, and quickly advanced in the fields of medicine and disease study. History does not agree as to what exactly resolved the Bitter Blood Plague, but our records indicate that the blood witches were unable to cure the disease with their own willpower and exercised the first documented use of demonology to summon a powerful demon lord known as Vasundhara, who expended all of her power to cure the disease as part of a deal. Our side of this deal was not documented.

After the Bitter Blood Plague, blood witches were successful in containing an outbreak of a new disease first documented in 3 PR2 which purportedly caused the incessant hunger for human blood, noted in subjects who had previously been infected during the Bitter Blood Plague. These new and terrifying beings became known as "vampires," and many of their physical attributes and weaknesses were documented during the infrequent attacks which lasted from about 3 PR - 242 PR.

The Blood Witches also noted and largely contained a disease known to them as "Soul Sickness," which began to break out around the same time the vampires were active. This disease caused noticeable shifts in mood, causing a depression to fall across entire countries as the pandemic broke out, and seemed to mess with the very soul of infected subjects, causing them to sometimes act erratically or suddenly disappear and reappear.

After the aforementioned diseases were cured, the Blood Witches stuck mostly to themselves, and have since instated themselves into health centers, hospitals, research labs, etc. Traces of vampirism and soul sickness continue to persist up to today in 1000 PR, but all threats have been handled by the Blood Witches. The Blood Witches have also been responsible for curing nearly all disease encountered in the past thousand years, and have regulated and restricted the use of deadly chemicals, such as the lead and radium which were advertised during the first Industrial Revolution.

Our Mythology and Beliefs:

The mythology of the Blood Witches is loosely defined as a belief in "balance." None can agree which deity or sub-deific beings are truly responsible for the balance of Karnos, but the most popular of these beliefs was the Blood Witch's belief in the God of Death, Vytris, and the Goddess of Life, Daiva. In approximately 300 PR, belief in these two gods began to become more widespread across Karnos. The reason or purpose behind this is poorly documented and not agreed upon, but from as far as I can tell it may have had something to do with 'religious crusades' conducted by the Blood Witches who believed in those two deities.

As for our beliefs, the Blood Witches believe that no problem is too overwhelming to solve. We persevere above all else, and bring what good we can to this world — even if we must hurt it first. They say it always gets worse before it gets better, and a thousand years of history can't be wrong. We've been there, we've done that, and we've proven it. Additionally, we believe in equality for all, as the nature of the world is to maintain the balance, and balance is not defined as the scale being tipped more heavily in the favor of one party over the other.

Our Society and Practices:

Blood witch society is dominated by women, and suffers not from an imbalance of power. We are organized in a hierarchical system, with a woman known as The Enchantress of Resplendent Ichor, or simply The Enchantress, sitting at the top. All other Blood Witches are organized into castes, which may or may not be elaborated on further in later documentation. Higher castes hold dominion over lower castes, and can organize the Blood Witches in said castes towards a goal. It's a very militaristic approach to an equal society.

Blood witches practice medicine and hygiene above the standards of the rest of the world, and are assigned to run the hospitals, clinics, and any medical or hygiene related centers throughout Karnos. Our magic is an open secret, known to all but never seen nor heard. It is practiced behind close doors, and used to run our businesses through the producing of a product or device of some kind that customers can use, so as to avoid inspiring fear in commoners.

Our society is intolerant of unrest and nips every problem in the bud in as timely a manner as possible, with the maximum efficiency achievable. It is our belief that communication and quick action are the most important parts to running a society. Due to our hierarchical system, many problems do not need to be escalated all the way up to The Enchantress, and can be handled by her subordinates, or even their subordinates.

Finally, we have many cultural and religious practices. Blood witch culture is a fusion of every culture found across Karnos, as anyone can become a Blood Witch provided they show propensity for blood witchery. As insinuated earlier, all religions are tolerated in Blood Witch society, though the religion of Vytris and Daiva is most well-known and well-respected due to religious crusades conducted centuries ago. On top of their medical and hygienic advances, blood witches are artists of all descriptions, and regularly infuse our culture with art and media that brightens our daily lives. Practicing blood witchery for recreational purposes and to aid in the creation of art or other such recreations is also allowed, to an extent.

Our society does still have laws and restrictions, but they are kept vague so as to be left to the interpretation of appointed judges or The Enchantress herself. In general, we do not tolerate stealing, killing, massive property damage, hate speech, or anything of the sort, unless the defendant can provide an adequate justification that is accepted by The Enchantress.

And with that, this concludes my catalog of the history and society of Blood Witches. I hope that it was insightful.

Evgenia Stradwick
Blood Witch of the 3rd Order
Resplendent Chronicler

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