The Caristona Estate
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The Caristona Estate has been around for 608 years, beginning with the birth of Aurelius Caristona, 4 years after Dugalda Caristona, aged 20 at the time, was elevated to the position of duchess by her angelic partner, Cambriel.



Cambriel and the Caristona Estate have long held an intense rivalry with the fiend Morphasia and the Drucilia Lineage.
It is prophesied that at some point in the future, a Drucilia will infiltrate the Caristona Estate and steal Cambriel's divine weapon, The Magnablade. Afterwards, the blade will be brought to Morphasia and perverted into not a blade of purity and justice, but a new terrifying fiendish weapon of bloodshed and destruction.


Listed in chronological order, beginning with the first angel to mingle with a Caristona.
Families that have intermingled with the Caristonas, servants, squires, etc., are listed as well.

Name Race Age Profession(s) Status
Cambriel Celestial Immortal Angel, Duke Alive
Dugalda Caristona Human 74 Duchess Deceased
Aurelius Caristona Half-Celestial 513 Count Deceased
Eruki Caristona High Elf 731 Countess Alive
Antoine Balphan High Elf 688 Viscount Alive
Tieda Balphan High Elf 442 Viscountess Deceased
Guilherme Caristona Aasimar 85 Baron Alive
Vanya Caristona High Elf 246 Baroness Alive
Ravindra Caristona Aasimar 40 Knight Alive
Kerrigan Caristona Aasimar 25 Squire to Ravindra Alive
Hotaru Drucilia Tiefling 23 Servant to Ravindra Alive
Madhuri Lando Water Genasi 49 Servant to Ravindra Alive

Family Tree:

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