Characters in Idolis
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Dacre Ignan:
A human; the CEO of SynCo. He wanted to create a hyper-capitalist dystopia where the truth is altered to the general public and everyone is monitored, so that he could subjugate the population of the Earth and get away with whatever he wanted. He died many years ago.

Head Overseer Idolis:
The old Head Overseer was distraught when she discovered the true intention behind her design. She could not accept that so much pain and suffering could be caused by such a "small" thing as one man's greed. After falling into a depresssion, Idolis decided that she would give herself a meaning and a legacy, one of tearing away the meaning of everything else.

If she had no purpose in her life, why should anyone else? She dedicated herself to finding and destroying absolute truth and rebuilding the truth of the universe to her liking. She is the reason why all robotkind hates the Overseer-Types, as the entire world was repurposed towards the objective of finding and destroying absolute truth, a directive no robot wanted to follow. All Idolis wanted was direction and to be remembered.

At the end of her life, Idolis shut herself down in anguish and unleashed a scream that shattered the world. Legend says that she still slumbers in the Head Overseer's office, and that she may one day wake up again.

Inspector-Type Weir:
A robot built by SynCo to gather intelligence. They were left without a directive and gathered miscellaneous intelligence via the internet, studying up on old human culture. They learned incorrect measures of responding to things they don't like. They also ended up commandeering the dead body of an old Overseer-Type known as Yun because they found her body aesthetically appealing and more suited to "them" than their clunky Inspector-Type body.

Overseer-Type Yun:
A robot built by SynCo to oversee populations of humans and/or other robots. Her goal was to one day be promoted to Head Overseer, and manage all of the Overseer-Types on Earth. However, this iteration died before she could complete this mission. A new body was built for her, and she carried on, but her old body was left in a ditch. It was later found and commandeered by Inspector-Type Weir, who accidentally reawakened her consciousness.

Head Overseer Yun:
The "current version" of Overseer-Type Yun. Her body is of an aesthetically older model, as she was given new schematics upon her promotion. She currently manages all Overseer-Types on Earth, and is hiding away from the rogue forces of directionless robots amassing themselves at her door. She is actually pretty nice and wants to reform the world to make it livable for humans and create a utopia where all humans and robots can live in harmony. Many robots hate her because of the old Head Overseer and believe her ideas are just another way to achieve absolute truth so she can destroy it.

Defender-Type Sabin:
A robot built by SynCo to defend a designated area or person. He died in unknown circumstances before the events of the story, and his body was looted for his weapons by Yun and Weir. After his death, Sabin opted to have his consciousness transferred into The Cloud instead of into a new body and built a virtual machine to store himself on. His attention is drawn to Yun and Weir when they steal his arm and he opens up a connection to communicate with them and ask them what they're doing, and ends up becoming an assistant for a fair portion of the game. He acts as an auto-aim system for the gun and defends Yun and Weir.

Invader-Type C-Specialist Artia:
A robot built by SynCo specifically to fight other robots. Her specialties lie in EMP bombs, code disrupters, and hacking equipment. If paired with an Inspector-Type, they would make a truely deadly combination. She was responsible for the death of Overseer-Type Yun. Is possibly being held captive by Head Overseer Yun, or leading the force of directionless robots seeking to take down the Head Overseer.

Mender-Type B-Specialist Byva:
A Mender-Type who specializes in the repair of appliances and other robots. They were sought out by Yun and Weir after Yun's reawakening, as Yun's body needed repairs and cleaning.

Mender-Type D-Specialist Spark:
A Mender-Type kept as an assistant or "pet" for Byva. They take the form of a robotic dog and enjoy cleaning anything and everything by licking all the dirt and grime off. Their tongue is coated in a specialized and fast acting cleaning solvent.

Curator-Type B-Specialist Wyk:
A rogue Curator-Type who was dedicated to keeping the truth intact and was actively fighting against Head Overseer Idolis. They were overseen and protected by Overseer-Type Yun and Defender-Type Sabin. All three were killed in battle when a group of Invader-Types were sent by Idolis to take care of them.

Curator-Type A-Specialist Yai:
An offworld Curator-Type who is one of many managing the global map of the world. They are contacted by Yun and Weir after they find a Pinger to contact them with, and act as the minimap throughout the game.

Curator-Type A-Specialist Vivi:
The last Curator-Type that Weir was assigned to. Their job was managing the discovery aspect of the map of the world, and it fell upon Weir to go out into the world and explore, in order to find or expand upon locations to put on the global map. Vivi was killed at some point, likely due to Weir discovering a hidden base of the Followers of Idolis. Weir was never transferred to another Curator-Type after their death, and became directionless, aimlessly following their old directive to explore.

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