An Incomplete Dictionary of Deltan Words
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Deltan is the language spoken by followers of Deltism, a worldwide religion on Qeltzal-Delta. The language was created to unite the peoples of their world even further, by making it standard that everyone shares at least one language in common.

Important Words:

  • Delta: The planet Qeltzal-Delta, the land of a planet, or Home.
  • Kenastra: Space & Time, a combination of the words "ken" and "astra" which derive from Kenshi and Astrahina.
  • Alshinari: The Universe, named for the pairing of Shenshinar and Drecmos (Two Great Beings.)

How They Refer To Other Races:

  • Ex. Race: Singular / Plural
  • Ranians: Rani / Rani
  • Xanthronian: Xathan / Xathani
  • Carteshian: Cauter / Cauteri
  • Artisian: Art / Arteri
  • Aeterian: Eter / Eteri
  • Tero: Cind / Cindos
  • Caprician: Capral / Caprals

Numeric Words:

  • Zero: Drec
  • One: Shen
  • Two: Al
  • Three: Wan
  • Four: Et
  • Five: Kain
  • Six: Nyr
  • Seven: Brant
  • Eight: Hier
  • Nine: Ser
  • Ten: Yol

  • The Teens: Numbers 11-19 are named by affixing the word for the second digit in front of the word for 10.
    • Eleven: Shenyol
    • Twelve: Alyol
    • Thirteen: Wanyol
    • etc…

  • Twenty - Ninety: Numbers 20-90 are named by affixing a "Y" if the number starts with a vowel sound, or a "Yo" if it starts with a consonant, from "Yol," to the front of the word for the first digit of the number, and adding a -ie to the end.
    • Twenty: Yalie
    • Thirty: Yowanie
    • Forty: Yetie
    • Fifty: Yokainie
    • Sixty: Yonyrie
    • Seventy: Yobrantie
    • Eighty: Yierie
    • Ninety: Yoserie

To make numbers like 21, you simply affix the word for the second digit to the end of the word for the two-digit number with an apostrophe.
Ex. Yalie'shen.

  • One Hundred - Nine Hundred: The word for "hundred" in Deltan is "holbec." To name the hundreds, you simply follow the same pattern as English, affixing the word for the first digit in front of the word for "hundred" with a space.
    • One Hundred: Shen holbec
    • Two Hundred: Al holbec
    • Three Hundred: Wan holbec
    • etc…

As in English, it is acceptable to remove the "holbec" or state all three digits individually to shorten the speaking time of numbers in the hundreds.

  • One Thousand - Nine Hundred Thousand: The word for "thousand" in Deltan is "yohol," a portmanteau of "Ten hundreds."
    • One Thousand: Shen yohol
    • Two Thousand: Al yohol
    • Three Thousand: Wan yohol
    • One Hundred Thousand: Shen holbec yohol
    • Two Hundred Thousand: Al holbec yohol
    • Three Hundred Thousand: Wan holbec yohol
    • etc…

  • One Million - One Decillion and onwards…: The suffix "-illion" in Deltan is "-dreci" meaning roughly "Many zeroes."
    • Million: Shendreci
    • Two Million: Alshendreci
    • Three Million: Wanshendreci
    • One Hundred Million: Shen holbec shendreci
    • Billion: Aldreci
    • Two Billion: Alaldreci
    • Three Billion: Wanaldreci
    • One Hundred Billion: Shen holbec aldreci
    • Trillion: Wandreci
    • Two Trillion: Alwandreci
    • Three Trillion: Wanwandreci
    • One Hundred Trillion: Shen holbec wandreci
    • etc…

Beyond those numbers, the Qeltzals simply stop counting. Their word for the concept of "infinity" is the name of their creator god, "Shenshinar."

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