Dictionary of The Compendium
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Notice from the High Pagemaster:
The framework of Existence that the Compendium of Knowledge records is made up of many intricate pieces. On this page, you will find definitions, summaries, and further elaboration on the many parts that go into this Existence's framework.

Term: "Higher order of infinity"
Meaning: The Compendium, though it records all of its known existence, is not the pinnacle of Everything. Beyond the existence the Compendium records are higher orders of infinity, extra layers of existence in which higher beings exist who are capable of creating lower orders of infinity such as the one the Compendium records.

Term: "Dear Reader"
Meaning: That's you! You are one of our dear Readers: a superontological1 being existing on a higher order of infinity than everything that is written in The Compendium of Knowledge. You hold the ability to peruse and interpret for yourself every piece of information found in our Existence. You also hold the ability to contribute to our body of work, and remove other parts, but we've found that you must be respectful to other dear Readers and The Author.

Term: "Microverse"
Meaning: A microverse is a universe that has been artificially created by a person utilizing sufficiently advanced technology. Microverses may also be created through magical means. A microverse begins as a "lower order of infinity," or a "non-universe," but they will become integrated with the Multiverse if allowed to develop beyond a certain point.

Term: "Universal Designation"
Meaning: A system of naming universes devised by Gan Faltimer and used by other interdimensional travelers. Visit Gan Faltimer's Unified Theory of Creation for further elaboration.

Term: "Multiversal Cluster"
Meaning: A collection of various multiverses, each containing their own separate universes. These also have their own naming scheme. Visit Gan Faltimer's Unified Theory of Creation for further elaboration.

Term: "Pagemaster"
Meaning: A pagemaster is a sentience imbued in any iteration of the Compendium of Knowledge throughout Existence, who serves the purpose of being an interactive guide to the contents of the book. Who needs a table of contents when you can just ask a living book to find the information you seek?

Term: "The High Pagemaster"
Meaning: Distinctly different from an ordinary pagemaster, The High Pagemaster is the original author2 of the Compendium of Knowledge. She exists both as a character in The Compendium of Knowledge, and as an unknowable presence on a higher order of infinity, speculated to be among the world of the dear Readers and The Author. Visit The High Pagemaster's Author Page for further elaboration.

Term: "Non-space"
Meaning: Sometimes known as "Nowhere." The non-canon, acausal space outside of every multiversal cluster recorded in the Compendium of Knowledge. This space is not meant to be occupied by any being for extended periods of time, except for Eldritch Ones, Guardians of Existence, The High Pagemaster, and The Compendium of Knowledge.

Term: "Eldritch One"
Meaning: Immortal beings that reside outside of all Existence, in the Non-space. They do not adhere to the layering rules that dictate all deities and overbeings. The eldritch beings are governed by only one rule: they cannot do anything the High Pagemaster does not command them to do.

Term: "Guardian of Existence"
Meaning: Tiny shreds of The High Pagemaster's true power that serve to protect all of Existence itself. They guard the Eldritch Shroud and keep out the Eldritch Ones, and guard several of the places that exist in Non-space, including The Grand Marketplace and The Nexus of Imagination.

Term: "Layering rules"
Meaning: A rule instated by the High Pagemaster to ensure the order of the Compendium's reality. A deity or overbeing cannot affect anything that is not held in their jurisdiction. This means they cannot affect anything in other universes, multiverses, multiversal clusters, or on a higher or lower order of infinity.

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