Disease File 000: Template
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Hey girls, it's Rosalyn. We've been running into a lot of diseases these past few years, and as the only practitioners of medicine with any degree of success, the gang and I have determined it would be well worth our while to start documenting our findings. It may aid future Blood Witches. The template for submitting a new disease file is below. — Rosalyn

Case Number: DF-###

Researcher(s): Name of the Blood Witches, or sometimes commonfolk, involved in the research of this disease.

Threat Level: The threat this disease poses. The threat levels are outlined below as:

  • 0: Daiva. This disease poses no threat and is handled.
  • 1: Cardea. This disease threatens a very small number of people, and may have been observed to disappear on its own.
  • 2: Morphasia. This disease threatens the inconvenience of a small to moderate amount of people. Action recommended, but not necessary.
  • 3: Pasrehul. This disease threatens the debilitation of a large number of people and might disrupt worldwide affairs.
  • 4: Vasundhara. This disease threatens the death of major countries and would disrupt worldwide affairs.
  • 5: Vytris. The highest threat anything can have; threatens the death of an untold number of people, up to but not limited at the entire population of Karnos.

Nature and Origin of Disease: The type of the disease (i.e. flu, plague, etc.) and where it was first observed.

Background: Further information on the disease, including possible causes and any leads towards a cure.

Symptoms: State the contagiousness of the disease, and include a bulleted list of its symptoms.

Proposed Solutions:

Solution #: ###

Hypothesis: The hypothesis regarding the disease and how to cure it. Does not necessarily have to be focused on the cure, and can experiment on particular symptoms of the disease.

Results: A brief description of the experiment conducted, and the results of your hypothesis.

Additional Notes: Anything you would like to say, particularly future considerations for Blood Witches wishing to carry out more experiments.

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