Disease File 001: "Magic Madness"
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This documentation was discovered (and edited by me) in my grandmother's old house. This disease occurred before the coven of Blood Witches was formed. The article makes reference to something called "doctors," though I'm not sure what those are. I thought it was interesting enough to make it on the archives. — Rosalyn

Case Number: DF-001

Researcher(s): Priscilla Stradwick

Threat Level: Pasrehul

Nature and Origin of Disease: Psychosis, spread through exposure to a foreign material, first observed in the western region of Camulan.

Background: The disease appears to be caused by proximity to a lime-green crystalline substance, known to the public as 'Vytrite,' which has recently appeared in trading markets worldwide. How this foreign crystal was introduced is unknown. Recommending that all doctors stay clear of this crystal, and don't let anyone get near you. Anyone could have a piece of jewelry made out of the stuff, and they seem to be compelled to bring it into proximity of others.

Symptoms: The "Magic Madness" as it is known, is highly contagious. Symptoms of the disease are as follows:

  • Claims of whispers in the mind, increasing in volume over time.
  • Advanced problem solving skills beyond the previous capacity of individuals.
  • An increased propensity towards creating works of art.
  • Claims that magic exists and can be harnessed.
  • A strong persistence in attempting to get others to listen to them, and expose them to the crystal.
  • Outlandish claims that sound true at first listen, but can be proven to be entirely false.
  • An unusual insight into the behavior of others.
  • Mood swings between general depression and euphoria.
  • Paranoia.
  • Anxiety.
  • Displays of feats beyond human capacity.

Proposed Solutions:

Solution #: 001

Hypothesis: Destroying the Vytrite crystals will mitigate or negate effects.

Results: Doctors willingly subjected themselves to infected patients, and successfully wrested their crystals away from them. Whispering began immediately upon physical contact with the crystals. ~50% of doctors carried out the experiment, smashing the crystal and reporting complete cessation of symptoms. ~50% of doctors went rogue. The crystals of infected patients were smashed as well, leading to dismay and grievous injury to both parties. When questioned later, infected doctors reported a complete cessation of symptoms, however, infected commonfolk reported that the whispering had not ceased.

Additional Notes: The intensity of symptoms appears to be correlated to the amount of time spent in direct contact or close proximity with the crystal.

Solution #: 002

Hypothesis: After removing the Vytrite crystal, repeated administration of depressant medications, and/or the use of therapy, may reduce or eliminate the effects of the psychosis completely.

Results: A control group of 10 infected patients was gathered, along with an experimental group of 10 more infected patients. The control group was given only therapy, and the experimental group was given therapy in addition to depressant medications designed to reduce symptoms of psychosis. The experiment was conducted over the course of 3 months. The control group saw minor improvements in their symptoms, but continued to report whispering at an uncomfortable level. The experimental group saw a dramatic reaction to the depressants, with some going into a total stupor and some contracting a form of insomnia that did not allow them to sleep for the remainder of the test. Those that were unable to rest spent as much of their time as possible creating works of art and recording the whispering in their mind on pieces of paper.

Additional Notes:

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