The Drucilia Lineage
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The Drucilia Lineage has been around for 607 years, beginning with the birth of Desideria Drucilia, a year after Sigivald Drucilia, aged 304 at the time, was seduced and fell in love with the Demon Queen Morphasia.



Morphasia and the Drucilia Lineage have long held an intense rivalry with the celestial Cambriel and the Caristona Estate.
It is prophesied that at some point in the future, a Drucilia will infiltrate the Caristona Estate and steal Cambriel's divine weapon, The Magnablade. Afterwards, the blade will be brought to Morphasia and perverted into not a blade of purity and justice, but a new terrifying fiendish weapon of bloodshed and destruction.


Listed in chronological order, beginning with the first demon to mingle with a Drucilia.
Families that have intermingled with the Drucilias are listed as well.

Name Race Age Profession(s) Status
Morphasia Fiend Immortal Demon Queen, Succubus Alive
Sigivald Drucilia Drow 803 Former Advisor to Countess Dugalda Deceased
Desideria Drucilia Half-Fiend 502 X Deceased
Varini Dragomir Dragonborn 74 X Deceased
Agnelli Hildimar High Elf 528 X Alive
Cyril Hildimar Human 83 X Deceased
Miljana Drucilia Half-Dragonborn Tiefling 43 X Alive
Carbonia Drucilia Half-Dragonborn Tiefling 64 X Alive
Ainslie Drucilia Half-Dragonborn Tiefling 56 X Alive
Drummond Drucilia Half-Elf 102 X Alive
Cainrich Hildimar Half-Elf 113 X Alive
Hotaru Drucilia Tiefling 23 Servant to Ravindra Caristona Alive
Dagnija Drucilia Tiefling 41 Gambler Alive

Family Tree:

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