Duocanthria's Chronology of All of Existence
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Notice from the High Pagemaster:
This information was disseminated using the Information Dissemination Service. As such, information included in this text may be redundant, as it is preserved in its original form.


Greetings, reader. My name is Duocanthria and I am one of the Guardians of Existence protecting The Compendium from Eldritch Ones. I have long since retired from my duties and become The High Pagemaster's personal bodyguard and assistant. She has asked me to compile a chronological timeline of events that shape this entire Existence. Dates will not be provided as time is merely a construct and means nothing on the highest level of Existence.

The Timeline:

I. The birth of The Author. The concepts of imagination and fiction are created. The two most essential pieces that come together to form our Existence — conceptual energy, and Praexite, the medium on which conceptual energy is conducted, are formed from nothing at the same time as The Author.

II. A chunk of Praexite dislodges from the Praexite Womb containing The Author. This chunk floats adrift in the Non-Space, until it forms a universe around it. This universe becomes known as Y-Phi-1, and was the first universe in all of Existence.

III. The concepts of imagination and fiction are discovered by the people of Y-Phi-1, who begin to write "figments." At first, nothing happens.

IV. Y-Phi-1's discovery of Praexite, which they know as "The Ebnestra." The people of Y-Phi-1 begin to tap into the Praexite upon which their very universe is constructed and are influenced by its creative energy. The figments that people write begin to come into existence in Y-Phi-1, as there exists no other medium for them.

V. Y-Phi-1 begins to be overrun with figments, and its difficult to tell who is real and who isn't, and what "real" is anyways.

VI. The birth of The High Pagemaster, who back then was known as The Chronicler.

VII. The outlawing of the creation of figments, determined by The Council of Librarians.

VIII. My birth. I was originally a figment known as "Duoca," written by The High Pagemaster.

IX. The creation of The Aventurine Mirror, which served as an inspiration for The Compendium of Knowledge.

X. The birth of the New World, a non-universe contained within The Aventurine Mirror. The Aventurine Mirror is quickly discovered to be flawed in its design, and the New World shortly thereafter dissolves.

XI. The writing of the first draft of The Compendium of Knowledge, known then as "The Notebook of New Worlds." This book, rather than creating gateways into non-universes, harnesses small fragments of the Praexite of Y-Phi-1's energy in order to create an entire new universe.

XII. This chunk of Y-Phi-1's Praexite subtracts from the universe itself, and a chunk of Y-Phi-1 becomes what would later be known as The High Pagemaster's Library.

XIII. The discovery of Non-Space, and higher Eldritch Ones, including The Author.

XIV. The birth of The Unmaker. This being presides over The Non-Space, and destroys all concepts that remain there for too long, save for a few, such as myself and The High Pagemaster, who hold too much power over Existence to be destroyed.

XV. The Chronicler changes her name to The High Pagemaster. I change my name to Duocanthria, and become a Guardian of Existence.

XVI. The High Pagemaster attempts to understand The Author. Through means unknown to me, she harnesses the Praexite Womb and can command The Author to dislodge chunks of Praexite which are then fashioned into new universes. The beginnings of the Praexite Lattice, a structure of leylines that connect universes together, is observed.

XVII. Y-Phi-1's problem with figments is solved, as other universes now exist for their figments to exist in. The writing of figments is legalized once more, and The High Pagemaster elevates Y-Phi-1 into The Non-Space, transforming it into NS Phi-1 and disconnecting it from the beginnings of the Praexite Lattice in order to keep it secure from the rest of Existence.

XVIII. The construction of The Nexus of Imagination around The Author. All works from unknown sources are caught and cataloged here.

XIX. The High Pagemaster writes The Compendium of Knowledge proper. Using Praexite given up by The Author, she constructs a bubble of Existence in which all Multiversal Clusters, multiverses, and universes are contained.

XX. The construction of The Eldritch Shroud.

XXI. The birth of various Overbeings, such as Multiplex and Sovir, which hold dominion over Multiversal Clusters.

XXII. The appointment of more Guardians of Existence. Existence is now protected from The Unmaker and Eldritch Ones that seek to unravel The High Pagemaster's work.

XXIII. Life continues as normal, ever into the future.


And that concludes the timeline of our Existence, mortal.

Duocanthria, signing off.
Thank you, High Pagemaster, for allowing me to compile this timeline and spread its knowledge to the rest of Existence.

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