The Ebnestra of The Library
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What is The Ebnestra?

"The Ebnestra" is the term we use to refer to the flow of creativity that interweaves itself into the very fabric of The Library. Ebnestra comes from everything, and can be loosely defined as "inspiration to create." Ebnestra is what causes the self-actualization of all fiction in The Library.

Ebnestra is said to originate from beyond the boundaries of our own universe, and typically takes on a greenish color. Proximity to Ebnestra leylines reportedly causes one to hear "whispering" in their head, of voices that are not their own telling them stories, and suggestions coming from seemingly their own mind that provide valuable information.

How Do We Use It?

In recent times, Ebnestra has been heavily regulated, due to the growing problem with fiction overrunning reality in The Library. So, the legal answer to how one uses The Ebnestra is: you don't. However, that isn't where this will end.

One can tap into Ebnestra by locating "leylines," areas where the creative flow of inspiration are highly concentrated. Places in nature are often more likely to be candidates for Ebnestra leylines than artificial structures, though it is not unheard of for leylines to appear in metropolitan areas.

To locate these leylines, one must use a crystal that connects to the specific kind of inspiration they desire, and utilize it as a radar of sorts. When you are within proximity of the leyline, it will light up like a beacon. Once you have harnessed The Ebnestra, you can then channel it through any writing utensil or any tool used to create a medium of art, and create a new work of fiction.

Afterwards, this new piece of fiction will become a reality in the world, through forces still not understood. This power can be remarkably terrifying, and thus, The Council of Librarians has largely banned the practice of writing fiction.

List of Crystals That Connect to The Ebnestra:

Crystal Name: Attuned Inspirations: Functions:
Citrine Joy, abundance, creativity. Citrine acts as a powerful magnet for Ebnestra, channeling high amounts of it at all once. Citrine is so powerful that locating a leyline is not necessary as long as one is only making a small work of fiction.
Blue Lace Agate Spirit, intellect, integrity. Blue Lace Agate enhances the ability to communicate effectively what is in your mind and heart, easing the self-actualization of a fictional work.
Tiger's Eye Prosperity, justice. Tiger's Eye is good for balancing one's needs with the needs of others, and finding a solution that will work for everyone.
Bumblebee Jasper Raw inspiration. Bumblebee Jasper is used to tap into the raw inspiration of the Ebnestra, stimulating new projects and bringing forth the message you must have in your life.
Auralite Healing, understanding, self-reflection. Auralite eases one's ability to deeply reflect on their own soul, allowing them to heal past wounds and come to a better understanding of themselves. When used in conjunction with other crystals, Auralite can ease the ability to read deeply into creative projects and see new meaning. The powers of Auralite are not to be taken lightly.
Selenite Protection, peace. Selenite eases the mind from negative energy and unwanted thoughts, and is valuable when an artist feels a need to create during dark times but does not wish to ruin any past projects. It allows one to see clearly and keeps the purity of ongoing projects from becoming tainted by negative thoughts.
Celestite Enlightenment, clarity. Celestite can enlighten one to the obvious solutions of problems in their lives, and can provide clarity and higher understanding that will ease the creative process.
Aventurine Luck, abundance, new opportunities. Aventurine opens up previously unseen paths, allowing one to stumble upon something new. Whether this new path that has opened will be good or bad is up to chance. Its effects can be multiplied when used in conjunction with Bumblebee Jasper.
Crystal Quartz Transparency, true intention. Crystal Quartz can ease one in conveying their true intentions to another, whether in person or through the medium of art. It channels your true emotions and feelings towards any particular subject.
Jade Surreality, dreams. Jade can be used to add a surreal, dreamlike property to your art, which can sometimes cause it to have a more profound impact. Additionally, it can cause the artist to dream about their project in particular, allowing further inspiration to be gathered even while unconscious.
Ebnestrite Hidden power, anticipation. Ebnestrite is a crystal created by the Ebnestra leylines themselves, provided to artists for use as "batteries" for Ebnestra. Taking charged Ebnestrite with you can allow one to use the creative forces of The Ebnestra even when not directly connected to a leyline. Ebnestrite, unfortunately, has been largely banned.
Lepidolite Imagination, creativity, luck, spontaneity, life. Lepidolite is considered one of the most powerful, and the luckiest gem. This is because it is composed partially out of the element Rubidium and has a purple-red color to it, tying it significantly to the number 37. Lepidolite can be used to add substance and creativity to any work, and will smile good fortune and prosperity upon any author attuning with it. However, it is also a spontaneous gemstone, meaning that unexpected things may happen. The people of the Librarians trust that these events, no matter how unfortunate, tie into the grand scheme of things.
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