Gan Faltimer's Theory of Superontology
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Notice from the High Pagemaster:
This information was disseminated using the Information Dissemination Service. As such, information included in this text may be redundant, as it is preserved in its original form.


Greetings, Reader. My name is Gan Faltimer. I am an interdimensional traveler hailing from Multiversal Cluster E-37-Multiplex, Multiverse Aurus-Lemniscate, Universe C-Phi-9. On this page I have compiled my notes, facts, and speculations on a theory I've taken to referring to as Superontology. If true, this theory would redefine how scientists and philosophers everywhere think about the nature of reality and Existence as a whole.

What is Superontology?

Superontology refers to the concept that outside of reality, outside of Existence itself, there exist, well… other Existences. It's not quite the same thing as a multiverse, though some similarities can be drawn.

(Insert more stuff about this later.)

The Observers:

In my time traveling between the different universes and multiverses of Existence, I have danced with many powerful beings. Angels, gods, titans, primordials, overbeings, Guardians of Existence, Eldritch Ones, even The High Pagemaster herself — I've met them all, and fought with plenty. Thus, believe me when I say I am no stranger to beings of exceptional strength, of eternal age, of limitless wisdom, those with alien minds incomprehensible to most, those who do not adhere to the laws of physics, who ignore the concepts of time and space, to whom the Laws of Reality are but mere playthings, even those with forces of will that would shatter the very essence of weaker beings whilst barely even noticing they were there. But none have ever been so enigmatic to me as the Observers.

I cannot think of a time when I was ever not aware of the presence of the Observers in my life. To attempt to describe them accurately would be suicide, so instead I'll attempt to translate my thoughts into a gentler language. They exist in a state of flux, coming in all shapes and sizes and morphing between them as naturally as they breathe. The Observers don't exist on the same "plane" that most other beings in Existence do, instead standing just outside of time and space, existing while not existing. Because of this, they tend to go unnoticed. One only begins to notice them when one becomes versed in the Laws of Reality, stepping between time and space themselves, and once you become aware of them, you soon find that you were never not aware of them, that they were always there and that you always knew, yet never knew that you knew.

For all their enigma and all their incomprehensibility, the terror of the Observers is thankfully limited just to their physical nature and their mere presence. Just as you would not notice them, the Observers seem to not be entirely aware of people within Existence who attempt to interact with them. They seem to understand time and space differently from you or I, and would react to things long before or long after they actually occur. They cannot interact with physical space, and are thus intangible, unable to be touched even by those who are aware of their presence. Most attempts to speak with them fail, as they are non-responsive. They simply stand there outside of Existence, and… watch. What they're watching is something I'm not quite sure of myself, but my leading hypothesis is that they're watching the story of Existence unfold as it happens, as well as before it happens, and after it happens.

I've never succeeded in speaking to an Observer before, but I believe that there is a connection to be drawn between them, my theory of superontology, and the existence of you, Reader. Perhaps its possible that Readers and Observers are one and the same, but if that were true, then there would be no way for me to verify, as I have no means of communicating with you directly.

This concludes my dissemination of information regarding my theory of superontology, as well as the enigmatic nature of the beings known as the Observers.

— Gan Faltimer
Multiveral Cluster E-37-Multiplex
Multiverse Aurus-Lemniscate
Universe C-Phi-9

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