Types of SynCo™ Robots
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Type Name: Specialization(s): Appearance: Functions:
Overseer-Type Tall, beautiful, and intimidating. Oversees groups of humans and/or robots.
Overseer-Type Head Overseer Very tall, stunningly beautiful, and very intimidating. Oversees all Overseer-Types.
Curator-Type A-Specialist Average humanoid. Run maps and other public information repositories, such as libraries. Look over and modify information gathered by Inspector-Types, who report back to them.
Curator-Type B-Specialist Non-humanoid Spend all of their time collecting and cataloging information, out of contact with humans. Look over and modify information gathered by Inspector-Types, who report back to them.
Inspector-Type Designed to look friendly and charismatic like cartoon mascots. Their designs were strictly non-human as they were never meant to blend into human society. Easing the acquisition of information, Inspector-Types take surveys on the population, or go out and explore the world, and gather information to report back to Curator-Types with.
Invader-Type A-Specialist Any shape or size. A standard Invader-Type "grunt," specializing in ranged combat with firearms and when absolutely necessary, melee combat. Used primarily to fight against humans.
Invader-Type B-Specialist Any shape or size. An Invader-Type tactical demolitonist, utilizing bombs and controlled charges to bring down buildings and/or effectively end the lives of many. Used to fight against both humans and robots.
Invader-Type C-Specialist Any shape or size. An Invader-Type hacker, specializing in the hacking and disruption of the bodies of other robots. Needless to say, this specialization is used primarily to fight against robots.
Invader-Type D-Specialist Any shape or size. An Invader-Type sniper, specializing in long range combat. Sometimes used for help with missile targetting. Used to fight against both humans and robots.
Invader-Type E-Specialist Any shape or size. An Invader-Type assassin or spy, specializing in the gathering of covert intelligence or discreetly assassinating targets. Used primarily to fight against humans, but has utilities for fighting against robots.
Defender-Type Average humanoid. A type created out of a perceived necessity, Defender-Types are a combination of Overseer-Types and Invader-Types. Their jobs do not strictly cover advising and close watching, their only duty in life is to locate any and all nearby sources of danger and protect the subject or location they have been assigned to defend.
Mender-Type A-Specialist Non-humanoid. Focus on large scale structural repair.
Mender-Type B-Specialist Humanoid. Focus on technical repair for appliances and services. They are also skilled in the repair and maintenance of other robots.
Mender-Type C-Specialist Humanoid. Usually have a kind motherly or fatherly appearance. Focus on "biological repair," taking care of sick or unhygienic humans.
Mender-Type D-Specialist Non-humanoid. Usually come in forms reminiscent of animals. Focus on cleaning messes that don't strictly require repair work, such as scrubbing windows or cleaning robot chassis
Constructor-Type Non-humanoid. Construct large scale buildings and public works projects.
Worker-Type Any shape or size. Carry out all jobs that robots and humans don't want to do and/or have not been specialized for. Often carry out menial office work and handle the treasury.
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