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System Message: Full documentation on subject: L███████ has been provided upon your request. Outputting a local message left by your network administrator:

If you're reading this, congratulations! You've found the secret third story that became intertwined with the stories of B-Gamma-6 and C-Phi-9. There really wasn't a good reason for me to keep this secret from you, but hopefully this will clear some things up.

Before we begin, there is something you should read that might help you make sense of all of this.

Once you have read the collapsible above, you should now be able to understand two things:
1: Smiths are far more powerful than ordinary Gods
2: The Aurastian Empire was able to create a microverse through the use of Praexite.

Long story short, the whole reason I had to have a Smith become involved at all is because the Gods of B-Gamma-6's Toril simply weren't strong enough to deal with the threat posed by intersecting stories. Their domain is their world and nothing else.

Additionally, and more pertinent to the plot, a Smith had to become involved because a large portion of the story revolved around Praexite, a material that was supposed to only be accessible to Smiths and caused a great deal of chaos when it fell into C-Phi-9 and B-Gamma-6.

The roles of the Gods and the role of the Smith, Lacrimos, became the following:

The Gods would lock the world of Toril in a time-loop, giving the 5 heroes who had recently had their willpower jacked up to the moon all the time they needed to solve the issue.

The Overgod Ao would mark everyone in B-Gamma-6 who had extraordinarily high willpower with a special mark that made them remember each time-loop. There were 7 such individuals in B-Gamma-6, who were: Hautboaui Whisrhde, Salem Dravenmour, Qwes Chon, Yarve Rellua Theren Avani, and Bjord Board, Gan Faltimer, and Venneth van Buren.

Lacrimos would watch over the micoverse and make sure that it was kept safe from any outside interference. They would also give the heroes and most notably the Worldweaver, hints as to what they should do to fix their story. They were responsible for the Worldweaver's Dream given to Theren Avani.

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