Nahri Dengera's Map of The Cosmology of All Existence
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Notice from the High Pagemaster:
This information was disseminated using the Information Dissemination Service. As such, information included in this text may be redundant, as it is preserved in its original form.

The Layers of Existence:

What's up, nerd? My name is Nahri Dengera, a multiversal cartographer. I have compiled my understanding of the Cosmology of the Existence we live in, with the help of various friends I've met on the way.



Beginning from the top, the Non-Space is the space outside of all of the Existence created by The High Pagemaster.
Though it is meant to be a non-canon space, several stories and worlds exist nonetheless in the Non-Space. It is thought that this is because The High Pagemaster exists on a higher layer than even the Non-Space, and the Non-Space serves as a sandbox for her. This would mean that our entire Existence is contained within The High Pagemaster's mind.

The Eldritch Shroud:

A bubble around Existence itself, which was created by The High Pagemaster in order to protect her reality from the Eldritch Ones that terrorize her mind. Guardians of Existence serve to protect everything from any intruding Eldritch Ones, but they have become tricky enough to breach reality on occasion. It is thought that sometimes The High Pagemaster intentionally lets an Eldritch One through in order to spice her story up.

The Multiversal Clusters:

Contained within The Eldritch Shroud is an infinite number of Multiversal Clusters, each ruled over by an overbeing, each complete with their own arbitrary origin story. In truth, the overbeings exist out of necessity.

The Multiverses:

Contained in each Multiversal Cluster is an arbitrary number of multiverses, each containing their own possibly infinite number of universes.

The Universes:

At last, we reach the grounds where most stories are told. A universe is an encompassing bubble complete with its own set of rules and laws that dictate its story, or stories. Universes can be as small as one building and as large as billions of galaxies, each full of their own worlds. If the Non-Space can be considered The High Pagemaster's sandbox, the Universes can be considered her toys.


Now, this layer is tricky. Underneath the universes itself are non-universes: places that have only a tentative grasp on reality. Non-universes are often born from an entity in a universe using a means of universe-creation to create a new space that has not become complex enough to integrate with the rest of the Multiverse. Dreams can be considered non-universes, and pocket dimensions are also included under the umbrella. It is possible for non-universes to rapidly advance in complexity and become a full-fledged universe. This is the only known case of layers changing position.

That should conclude my breakdown of reality.
Thanks Multiplex, for allowing me to spread this knowledge.

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