A.E. Project Proposal Format
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Notice from The High Pagemaster:
This is the official Project Proposal format for the Aurastian Empire, C-Phi-9.


Project Title: Title of Project goes here.
Project Proposer: Name of proposer(s) goes here. A proposer can be a person, or an entire province or planet.
Issued From: Name of the province or planet this proposal was issued from goes here.


Objective: State the objective of the project.
Proposed Project Sponsor: State which people and/or companies you would like to sponsor and fund this project.
Project Manager: State the name of the Project Manager for this project. The Project Manager can be the same as the Project Proposer.
Project Board: State the names of the people or organizations you would like to work on this project. The Aurastian Empire has a lot of resources, so there is no upper limit to the size of the Project Board.
Target Start Date: The date the project should start. Formatted the same as dates on Earth.
Target Completion Date: The date the project should end. Formatted the same as dates on Earth.
Background & Rationale: The background, purpose, or reason for why this project is being proposed. What has caused you to notice the problem that you intend to solve in your objective?
Options: The project itself. Typically consists of one or two options as to the construction of the project.


Benefits: List the benefits of the option(s) of your project.
Known Drawbacks: Are there any drawbacks you know of ahead of time, or have reasonable hypotheses regarding? State them here.
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