Lucie Roddinger's Solution to Temporal Travel
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Notice from the High Pagemaster:
This information was disseminated using the Information Dissemination Service. As such, information included in this text may be redundant, as it is preserved in its original form.

Greetings, from the Worldbuilding.
My name is Dr. Lucie Roddinger, a scientist from Rotamis who has submitted this information to the overbeing of Multiversal Cluster E-6-Sovir.

My work has focused on temporal travel for decades and it has piqued my interest that no other person in the history of the Worldbuilding seems to have unlocked the key. So, I choose to send my research out into all realities, in the vague hope that it will aid other scientists working towards a similar goal.

Something I have found through my research is that in most cases it is exceedingly difficult to travel through time without also travelling through space. Additionally, many attempts to travel in time result in catastrophic paradoxes, infinite loops, and other such quantum entanglements, which are subsequently consumed by The Maw and obliterated in order to keep the order of the Worldbuilding. No one likes being obliterated.

I have however, found one very safe way to travel through time. Without further ado, I shall begin.

First, I need to explain a couple of simple concepts and the workings of some common materials in this multiversal cluster to you.

Let's start with Dacrinite.
Dacrinite is a rust red colored crystal native to The Worldbuilding, coming specifically from the world of Valis. It produces variable amounts of power based on the emotion or willpower being exerted in close vicinity, and is exceptionally useful when powering small devices that demand high energy usage.

After that, is another crystal known as Chronite. Hot pink in color, Chronite is a tuning fork for CRS, and is a vital tool in transposing a subject through time and space. With that, let's segue right into…

What is CRS?
CRS stands for "chronolagous resonance signature."
The definition of a chronolagous resonance signature is as follows:

The unique signature assigned to a specific situation taking place at a specific setting and time in the space-time continuum.

CRS is very useful for allowing one to travel to chronolagous points in space-time.

These three pieces come together to create a tool that is called a "dacrinic chronolagous resonance signature transposer," or DCRST for short.

For a point to be chronolagous, the situation that you intend to travel to must be similar within a very minute margin of the situation that is taking place around you when your DCRST is activated. When a point is chronalogous enough for the CRS to be similar to another point, the chronite attunes both points and through exerting emotion or willpower, the device is activated and you are transposed to the other point.

CRS can be easily artificially reproduced by staging a situation similar to the one you wish to return to, which often requires moving to a different location to use the DCRST.

CRS can be very difficult to attune in mundane situations. If you were to attempt to activate the DCRST when you're simply sitting at your computer desk, it is likely that nothing would happen, for there are far too many similar situations in space and time for you to travel to any specific one.

Thus, the DCRST must be used when traveling to unique situations, usually with high stakes or inordinate and unusual circumstances. The circumstances of most people's deaths are unique enough to give you an easily attuned CRS.

However, when intending to travel into the future, you must already have a detailed knowledge of something that will happen in the future, which is essentially impossible. To remedy this pitfall of the DCRST, a CRS fluctuator can be attached to the device which will randomly attune to the Chronite to a CRS. Using the CRS fluctuator is by nature very dangerous and unpredictable, so exert caution.

That is about all that I have to tell you about temporal travel for now. This article may be amended later when I acquire further information.

For now, Lucie Roddinger um… signing off?
Thank you Sovir, for allowing me to send this message to the rest of Existence.

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