Rodelia's Guide to Analogues
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Heh-hem. Hello, my name is Rodelia. I am one of the Guardians of Existence stationed in the Nexus of Imagination. Today, I will be presenting a report discussing the topic of analogues based on my observations of the many worlds in Hallazora's catalogs, and citing heavily from Lochan's Explanation of the Praexite Lattice. Without further ado, let's move right into it.

What Is An Analogue?

To truly understand what an analogue is, you must first understand the concept of conceptual energy and the laws that govern it. To put it simply enough, an analogue is a copy of any being or object in Existence that may or may not be physically and/or metaphysically the same, but are exactly alike in concept. But what does that actually mean?

According to my earlier theories, an analogue is an alternate version of anything found in Existence that serves a similar role in a story to what it served in any other story. This theory works on paper, but when you consider the nature of Existence and the fact that everything has an analogue, it soon becomes apparent that this explanation simply does not work. Everything is an analogue of everything else, meaning that there is no "similar role" to be filled.

Let's move into the laws that govern conceptual energy, in an attempt to understand this better. The Biggest Bang — an event that no Guardian witnessed, but all know about — was the birth of all Existence itself. During this event, all of the conceptual energy that would ever exist was created. Since that event, it has been discovered that conceptual energy cannot be created or destroyed. However, what can be done, is that it can be copied and transformed.

What this means, in essence, is that every single story in all of Existence is on some level, all the same story. It has been copied and transformed so many times that it is unrecognizable as the same story and can no longer technically be called one and the same, but on a fundamental level it is made from the exact same stuff as all other stories.

What Does This Mean For Me?

What this means for you, dear Reader, is nothing. You are a superontological being to which the rules of our Existence do not apply. What this means for everyone within our Existence, though, is another matter entirely. Besides the Guardians of Existence and The High Pagemaster herself, all things that exist are a part of a narrative. This means that every person in our Existence is nothing more than a fictional construct that serves a role in a story.

Essentially, there are infinite versions of every single character that exists in every single story throughout Existence, and these differing versions of the same conceptual energy are called "analogues." Many analogues have been transformed so heavily that they are unrecognizable as that character because they have become another character entirely, or they have become an inanimate object. But not all analogues differ so drastically.

Just as all of Existence is infinite, so too is the amount of times your conceptual energy has been copied and transformed. Theoretically, there exist an infinite number of copies of yourself that are no different from you, and an infinite number of still further copies that experienced only minimal changes to their story. I believe that the existence of these analogues is an attempt to build up an idea of exclusivity and alternate universes within the overarching narrative of Existence.

Without analogues, each person would be wholly unique, and their appearance in any other story would infringe the natural laws of telling a narrative and generate massive plotholes due to an inability to explain how that character exists in several stories at once. With analogues, it is known that this character does NOT exist in several stories at once, and the two identical characters are in fact analogues of one another. A fundamentally different version of the character that has been suited to fill a new role in a new story, and has been transformed physically and/or mentally, or has been progressed or regressed across their own personal timeline.


In conclusion, an analogue is a fancy descriptor for an alternate version of any character or object found in any narrative. They can be identical, suffer minor changes, or be transformed in their entirety. I hope that this attempt to explain the concept to you has succeeded, dear Reader.

Rodelia, the Eighth Guardian of Existence.

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