Sunless Skies Terminology
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Term: Judgement
Meaning: A Judgement is the ultimate power in the universe. Every star in the night sky is a god to their respective planets and subjects, and everything that is bathed in their starlight must adhere to their rules. A Judgement is very eldritch in nature, and communicates only in a language known as The Correspondence, made out of complex symbols and runes written in fire that would burn a mortal's mind. They write the laws of physics for their own little corner of the universe, and to look directly at a Judgement for too long is to be driven to madness. Wherever a Judgement's light does not touch, the laws of reality become mere suggestions rather than strict rules, even the laws of life and death.

Term: Messenger
Meaning: A Messenger is the most esteemed of a Judgement's mortal subjects. Messengers can come in any form, but they typically take on the form of a cosmic-scale creature that lives in the void of outer space, and their bodies often are or contain large buildings. The Messenger's job is to carry their Judgement's Correspondence across the universe and deliver messages to another Judgement. They are the means by which the Judgements correspond, and are often meant to be impartial in their duties. However, like all things, this is not absolute, and a Messenger may find themselves loving or loathing their Judgement. Because they are a living thing, a Messenger can be killed, severing a Judgement's only means of communication.

Term: The Correspondence
Meaning: The Correspondence is the language of the stars. It is made of heat and raw unfiltered intent, and is often communicated by Messengers. It is possible for a mortal to learn The Correspondence, which has a written form consisting of complex symbols and runes. However, studying The Correspondence can be quite dangerous. Writing down Correspondence runes often causes them to spontaneously light on fire, and a mortal mind cannot comprehend more than six runes of The Correspondence at a time. Even looking at seven or more causes a mortal to instantly spontaneously combust, dying horribly in a violent conflagration.

Term: The Discordance
Meaning: The same as The Correspondence in every way, except inverted. Rather than fire, this is the language of frost, and it is often spoken by those Judgements who abandon the immutable starlight and become traitors to all of their kind. It is a language associated with The Liberation of Night, a movement that seeks to snuff out all Judgements and all light in the universe in order to create a lawless reality where people are free to do as they please. The Discordance is even more difficult than The Correspondence to learn, as The Discordance is heavily associated with that which Is-Not, and therefore in order to study it, one must not study it. Even when talking about it, The Discordance can only be referred to in the negative, with every reference to learning The Discordance having to be phrases as though one is Not learning it, a verbal contradiction. This can make navigating conversations regarding The Discordance difficult.

Term: The Liberation of Night
Meaning: Not everyone is happy with the Judgements ruling over the cosmos with an iron fist, and enforcing their own laws of reality on everything their light touches. Some believe the Judgements to be tyrants who should not control their mortal subject's lives, and believe that the universe would be better off without them. People who associate with The Liberation of Night are often rebels, revolutionists, and criminals. They seek to snuff out all light in the universe and either create a universe of perpetual darkness with no laws whatsoever where people are free to do as they please and reality becomes as mutable as a dream, or to create their own light and their own laws that were made for the people, by the people.

Term: Parabola
Meaning: Parabola is the land of dreams. It is an alternate dimension that exists outside of the universe. Every mortal subject in the universe that dreams has been to Parabola before, whether they know it or not. Regular dreamers may remain unaware of Parabola's existence and true nature for their entire lives. In order to become more in-tune with the place and learn more about it, one must associate themselves with that which Is-Not, such as the Fingerkings who lie behind the mirrors, and/or induce a dreamlike stupor in themselves through the use of illicit drugs such as Prisoner's Honey. In Parabola, there are no laws, and there are no Judgements. Anything goes, and the land can be altered at a mere thought. However, a mortal venturing into Parabola must be aware of the dangers, for the place is teeming with things which Are-Not, horrible nightmares that cannot exist within our reality. Permanent gateways into Parabola can be established through the use of mirrors, or in places where the borders of reality become a bit thin.

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